Friday, November 20, 2009

And Those Last Few Moments...

Well…well..well… I still dunno whether I’m facing the reality… just few more hours in this city… and then..gone!!!
The feeling ..i don’t to express…. There is a palpitation…maybe going on… well..every year during this time.. I’ve this kinda feeling.. a bit scary..because the exams approached… and today too..a bigger and better one…phew!!!

Ah…forget it..I can’t go on writing on this for so long.. but anyways..last day..those last few moments are going quite good enough… basically..caught up with a morning show of “Kurbaan”. And I enjoyed it (of course, barring a few ones..). rocks!!! I see this guy nowadays..and just ask myself..was this the same guy who was in films like “Main Khiladi Tu Anari”..!!!
On the other hand… India managing a draw in the Ahmedabad Test is surely a victory in its own perspective. Could have easily lost it, if Gambhir didn’t steer it that way… and Sachin again showed why he falls in a different genre altogether. Amassing 30,000 runs in International Cricket!!! Kudos!!! Congrats to your 43 rd Century too.

Well.. done away with my packing now… aah..meanwhile I just remembered… this post is my 50th one in my CTC. Feels good. Really very good. Coincidents – first phase of blogging ends with a 50!!! Kewl..

Umm.. some bits from here.and pieces from there kinda packing left… need to go… a temporary bye to me and myself @ CTC… hope to come back soon..and pen down the new excitements…and whatever is waiting for me… hmm..will be interesting.

Anyways..take care you people too… and well.. a happy journey to me. Sayonara.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part - VII]

Traveling has been a part-n-parcel of my life for the past few days. If you go through those previous posts of can have a clean and clear idea. And oh Lord..these Government services really require a makeover!!! Can’t they be more efficient while providing the basic facilities towards their customers!!!! Humphhh!!!

But I’m quite elated. The month of November was starving… getting denied from my blog updates. But finally I jotted down few. It’s almost that I’ve reached towards the end of my first phase of blogging (perhaps!) .. well ILP, I guess, won’t provide me the time or resource to continue my so called ‘GOOD HABIT”!! Lol!!!

The moment to bid adieu Kolkata is quietly knocking at my door…and along with that invitations are flowing in from here n there. And I’m lovin every moment of it. It included invitations at one’s place, or restaurants. Last Saturday’s extravaganza starting from shopping for my luggage to lunch at Barbeque Nation and finally catching up “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani” was quite noteworthy. Another flick that showed the young man from the Kapoor clan is here to stay – a man who can single handedly manage the successful fate of his films. Really praiseworthy.

Last week was quite eventful in the history of Indian Cricket. The Little master completed a record 17,000 runs in ODI (bettering his records by adding each n every runs) and that too by smashing the Aussies with 175!!! The hunger for runs really make this Mumbaiker look younger and our expectations keep on rising. But certainly, somewhere I feel..even if Sachin is the keeper of most of Batting records..he is still a tragic hero..!!! The maestro did everything for guiding his team towards the route to victory in the nail biting match but still God neglected all his efforts!!! God could have been atleast kind enough to make him feature in a world cup winning team. A man who served for 20 years , battling some serious injuries, should be rewarded properly. I just each and every true Indian that Indian cricket team lifts 2011 world cup with the little master featuring with a wide smile!!! And yes it’s a strict feeling for “true” Indians!!! Because some silly organizations do not respect his contribution , but are more concerned with his comment over Marathis!!! Can’t India really get rid of such sick mentalities…!!!!???

Umm.. and meanwhile few relationships got upturned during this course of time. And I feel whatever has happened is all good!!! Doesn’t really affect me much…as I’m taking up the new avenue. I still feel.. jo bhi hota aaache ke liye hi hota hain..
Well.. I guess I’ve scratched quite a few bits .and few more pieces which do really sums up my on goings … and the last moment about in the upcoming section?

And the day was 28th of October...

Quite a special day in my life. Yes, because small moments piled up that made my day. And of course, these small happy moments are quite priceless.

Primarily, it was an Inox extravaganza. I did not feel it so special much as I am doing it now while penning down as I rewind back to that day. Yes, Me a.k.a Siddhartha a.k.a Sid went to watch “WAKE UP SID”. The namesake just makes me feel good. (Stupid I know,but whatever). A quality film watched after a long time. I would thank Dharma Productions for presenting such beautiful cinemas whose every moments can be cherished thoroughly. Director Ayan Mukherjee deserves kudos for making such a commendable debut and I wish to see more. And what a fantastic casting. It seems the roles were written only for those people exclusively. The whole media, the whole bollywood is speaking it loud n clear and I do repeat it with them – RANBIR.. u simply rock!!!! He shows how the genes speak. Truly. What a beautiful portrayal of the character of Siddharth Mehra. Could not have asked anything better!!! And for our Kolkata Madam… I salute you. This Sen Sharma is showing versatility and how!!! You know very well. Apart from all these , my favourite piece was “Mumbai Beats” ( yes, remember the office where Konkona joined and later Ranbir). Simply a fantastic creativity zone shown in this flick. Kashhh… I could have joined that!!!

Secondly, it was during the movie time , a sudden sms knocked my cell. I took out my cell. Read it. Kept silent. And stayed so. But you know what, I felt like jumping over here n there. Finally, the joining letter has been mailed to us by TCS. Wow!! What a relief!!! Now I can proceed with all those pending formalities and get my documents processed. The sms was followed by two more confirming the same. Though the phone call at Puri was enough, but a hard copy speaks louder here.

Finally, I got my most valuable gift. One I had wished for years. A cell with a cam, Bluetooth, radio and quality music playing device. Yes, got the Nokia 5300 Music Xpress – the one that satisfied my requirements. Well, I am happy to receive this pretty gift on the eve of this “good news” day. I just love its features. Mmmuaah.. :)

Well..well..well..I realize I’m being kinda childish…being kinda school kid type while penning all these down… but what’s the harm in it??? It’s just that my emotions are flowing in a childish manner… and I’m loving every moment of it.


There is a state of rest when a vehicle encounters a red signal. Engine starts followed by a change in state i.e. from rest to locomotion when the red signal turns to green. Ok. I stop here. I know that you guys know this from long before. But, do we know or do you know whether this movement is going to have a positive impact????
You know the theme color of the Left Front. And you too know the one of TMC. Can you now match my previous stated statements to this recently statement??? Quite right, people have felt the left front has kept development of West Bengal in a stagnant state and now TMC will provide the green signal of development. The waves of change blowing and yes, blowing with quite an impact.
Pros and cons have been discussed in every article about the rule of State Government. Better and methodical analysis have been made with critical reasoning. Somewhere down the line, I do support that – Change is necessary. The continuous domination of a single party for over three decades gathers mosses in its way. The green color has surprisingly given a thunderous bolt ,that was lacking for years from opposition. Thumbs up for that. But what pinches me really hard ~ how can an organization (whose anthem lies with strikes and rallies) wear the ruler’s hat? Unsophisticated mind set up. Insane individuals. Illiterate ( much more in terms of politics) in true sense. All these combine to form the greenish wave ( swirling in Bengal). I still do not know whom should I cast my vote for , two years down the line.

The recent by-poll got conducted two weeks ago due to Subhash Chakroborty’s sudden demise. I got stuck badly due to political campaigning , and incidentally it was of Sujit Babu’s. Every time, an urgent work hangs around my neck ~ this Trinamul Congress interferes merrily. And while traveling in the bus, some nonsense stuffs caught my hear as people around me suddenly got themselves involved in a self conducted Group Discussion regarding TMC and CPI(M) as the bus got stuck for few hours. I could not escape. I was getting tensed as I was getting late. And I swear the heat was killing me. Meanwhile, a person suddenly turned around me and asked … “Dada… ei vote-er prochaar kodin aage jeno bondho hoye???? “ I could have done something. But I turned my head the other side. I felt like if I could start thrashing these guys!!!! I hate these West Bengal politics, political parties and now these oh-so-idiotic people!!!! Dhurrr ..Sala!!!!

Satruday, the 7th , was the day of election. I stayed off from it. Whom will I vote for??? I do not support either. And I know the green color will be again reigning the skies, the grounds of this poor West Bengal. I just wish if I could do something productive. I just wish. I just hope.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part - VI]


That’s what I can say all about me and myself!!! The stone has started to roll… I hope the mosses will vanish by this time….
A routine tour to Puri sparked up a surprise gift again – the JOINING DATE!!! After a long hiatus wait, finally TCS thought of wrapping me off to Thiruvanthapuram. And, for the first time.. I’m going to leave all my near and dear ones… for a one and a half month tenure. A mixed feeling.. persists. Running around to complete all those paper works.. still a long list of formalities needs to be carried out.. and this has devoid me of keeping track of the world around me (many a times!!!) Well.. if things fall right on track from this day onwards, 23rd of November would get sketched in my career graph with prominence.

Weak minds do get superstitious when co-incidences are so random!!! And it is bound to be!!!! Whether there is some supernatural force operating or not, I do not care… but somewhat I feel.. the superstitious belief pinches me!!! He was the one who could select the right path for me – I knew. And yes, he did. Though, I had some initial hiccups … (maybes still I have ).. but I’m sure that whatever has been decided is for my own benefit only. Now, I’m really looking forward to those 45 days…. it’s going to be a new phase – none of the moments encountered till date . How the mind adapts.. how the soul respond.. how the whole system gets managed.. I’m really counting on that!!!

During the trip, I completed “ 2 States” by Chetan Bhagat. Well… do I criticize? Should I criticize the same mould ? Should I criticize it for being more of a Bollywood script? Should I criticize the author and his creation? Not really. Because despite knowing all.. I purchase and read. And I know, I will continue to do so. Side by side, going through Arvind Adiga’s “Between the Assassinations” was quite a bland experience. Conventionally, expectation rises..and anybody would have preferred a better reading extravaganza after “The White Tiger”. But the second book disappoints big time!!! I had to quit it mid-way!!! But I still have my expectations quite high – for both of you. So….

Finally moving on towards the scenario and bits-n- pieces from here and there .. I was so happy to see Mohunbagan winning!!! Nope.. not a hardcore fan.. and thus my sole reason of happiness was not the victory!!!.. But the fact that newspaper had some other things to publish in their headlines !!!! Maoists here..Maoists there… Holy crap!!!! If a magic spell could have churned out to terminate the whole matter at this very moment… phew!!!

Umm.. I need to sign off now.. time to proceed with other jobs. I’m quite happy now.. I could return back here and pen down the proceedings. For the last few days.. it was really pinching me.. the fact that I was not being able to give time to my space!! Well.. as days are passing, I can visualize it would be quite tough to return here ( which I previously did.. quite often).. but surely I will turn up.. whenever I can.

Like to wish all the very best … to me… for the coming days… and yes to India too… they need to hit it back to the Aussies on the 22 yard…!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part - V]

Umm..umm..where do I really start off from…??? Pretty confused… I’m still not coming out of the hangover… neither concentrating much nor getting an interest..!!!Silly me..!!!

It’s a mix n match of few good and few not so good stuffs happening around me. Of course, I’m a bit proud of myself. For the first time in my life, I earned. Getting the first salary …. Well quite a feeling. Thanks to everybody who supported me. Atleast, I proved myself that I have that ability. Anyways.

But again what pinches me is the fact that I have been quite aloof from those national and international news bulletins… which I should be well aware of. I just need to make up. Went past those headlines with more Maoist stories with Mahato’s arrest tales and some more. Precisely , I don’t remember. But yes, I did go through the articles on “Nobel”. And seriously, what’s the big deal if Obama is given one? And yes, I remember a dialogue from a flick – “usse humare jeene marne mein kya asar par ta hain!!! “ People just need issues. Bloody… whatever!!!!

Well, on the other hand I’m having quite a filmy week though. Caught up with no so approved flick –“What’s Your Rashee ?? “.. Yep.. I was there for Piggy Chops. So, those three and a half hours were pretty fine with me. Surprisingly, I really loved the Hurman Baweja portrayed his character. For me, he was impressive. And for you, I give a damn.
Now, the interesting part of the story lies here. I wanted to catch up something different this time. Borda gave a good lot from his stock. And I caught up with “THE GIRL NEXT DOOR”. Seriously, I had a different intention before putting in the disc( pun highly intended!!!)… But when I was done away with it, I don’t know what happened with me. I hate all those shits called “falling in love” etc . But this tale ..for whatsoever reasons just caught me. Hard!!! I loved the Girl. I loved the boy. Pardon Me, I’m quite alien regarding names!!! Yes of course, I loved the plot. And I’m feeling damn lonely. Because a glance after two years..or even more…maybe… I’ve become nostalgic again. The more I wanted to cut away those old ties, the more faster they are catching up with me. I do not know, how things are related. But yes.there is. Or else, why on Earth should I remember all those ???? F**k me!!!

I know … it’s not the ideal time at all to think about these silly issues. Rather I should be concentrating on the serious avenues of life. But, hell with this phase!!! It’s disturbing!!! I need a change, Man. I’m getting sick. Dude, I seriously need the recovery pills!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


And... for the time being... I will sign off with this....

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One More Feather Attached to the Editorial Venture

Well, today morning I felt satisfied. Yes. Because even the "Metro" Section of Telegraph dated 30 th of September published my article. Finally, I have my Name undersigned at each and every Editorial Section. Hurrah..!!!!!

[If interested, click on the picture below to get an enlarged view ]

Monday, September 28, 2009



From the last year onwards, I have made it a point to kick off my puja extravaganza as soon as possible … the very central extract every inch of a happy moment that’s available around me…

We, the special 5 gang , planned to meet this day i.e. 22nd of September before any commitments turn up.. but zeeshan still missed out. Though it was a small session of a meeting… but was a nice one..venue was though a bit pathetic one.. a fair…!!!!!! I hate them like anything. But..whatever… with Kwality Wall’s Orange Stick in hand and browsing through pickle shops to toy shops , from Body Toning Instrument Shops to Candy shops , the evening session was fair enough. Sancho would be going out of no chance of meeting her..and Pilu & Ali had a damn “busy” schedule..during the puja..ahem ahem… so.. at the end of the day… I felt nice ..that at least we managed today.

Umm.. maybe the digicam should have been there… but silly … batteries are not charged yet…anyways better luck next time.


Lots of reasons were for me to remain happy .. but of course..this year’s puja special wardrobe of mine made me feel excited. And yes, I was pretty confused while browsing through them.

Anyways… while the first half of the 23rd of September was nothing worth mentioning… the second half of the day was a planned outing by me and my partners in crime.. Borda, Amitava and Naveen. Had a quie good adda session followed by a quick session of pandal hopping. Sitting on the staircases of CC, Amitava joined a bit late. And when he turned up, a few minutes later, Anjan Dutta along with Neel and gang took the stage and gifted us a musical panchami evening. Was hungry a bit… thus..within a few minutes, Zinger burgers and Crushers were ordered.
Had a small walk after that… within the silent alleys of Salt Lake..and then we were back to our den.


24th was more of a family affair for I had to accompany mamoni to a relative’s house for an invitation.. though there was a function too… for underprivileged children…missed it !!!! Anyways wrapping it off.. went straight to Gariahat..mamoni had some work. I was happy to catch up with Ekdalia, Singhi Park, Hindusthan Park in the meantime.
Was back quite early, but the rest of the evening went on with a chaos as I had to chalk out the next day plans.
Even if the day was not that good… to remember.. but nevertheless, it went fine.


Its morning … 10’o clock of the 25 th… still I am quite unsure about the morning venture. Still not sure who’s going to turn up and who’s not. Finally, at 12’o clock , our Seven member gang boarded two autorickshaws and went out for the Salt Lake pandal hopping. Yes. I turned out to be the tour guide and we did land up at some of the best pujas of the area with some eye catching themes served for the viewers by the block committees.
Reaching FD .. people were damn hungry and the smell of the “bhog” accelerated the hunger; and straightaway we landed to HANGOUT. Biriyani to Pasta , Murgh Masallam to Ghost Rogan Josh - everything gulped up. With a “Misti Pan” , we signed off from CC and move towards Sribhumi and Lake Town. It was the end of the episode there with the gang logging out for their respective den approximately at 6’o clock.
Took half an hour rest and an instant plan was made. Para friends and me are going out with family. Lovely. Moved to Bagbazar and some adjacent areas, Jumped into Mitali Sangha and some more and was back by 10. Hmm. Quite a Day.


Gearing up with the traditional attires for the “pushpanjali “ session ; went to pandal around 10:30 am and finished it off in the first batch. The Crowd seemed to increase as the hands of the clock progressed. Basically, I remain a bit aloof from my block.. thus its on the day of puja, I realize the “vast population” of my para. And it seems , its increasing with each year. On the other hand, what pinches me more ~ Well.. I never realized the such damozels resided here. It’s fun to catch a glimpse of them. Ahem Ahem.

As usual, had the lunch invitation at Choco’s Lansdown residence. Meanwhile Zeeshan was back yesterday. We two jumped in the bus around 12 and went straight , though suffering with the hiccups in traffic. Reaching around 2 ‘o clock.. had lunch served up..and it was damn tasty, man. “Bhaat..Dal.. Phulkopi..AlooBhaja..Chutney…aah khaye monta bhore gelo re paglaaa..”
Lazed during the noon session … and had a good adda with everybody out there.
During the evening hours we caught up with Sravanti Di’s gang finally at her para…and moved out to Deshapriya Park for the Rides. Visit to CafĂ© Coffee Day was the last piece of our adda zone . It was great to catch up with them after a long time and after the gala chat session, we moved out from there at 9 approx . But, whether it was moving in or moving out, catching cabs was the ultimate headache. Phew!!! At last , got in a bus and with some breaks, finally was back at home at 12’o clock!! Oops..!!! 26th was a bit too much!!!
(Meanwhile India lost to Pakistan… in the Group League… not the perfect Ashtami … that’s why..!!! )


It’s a bit sad - the 27th of September. Ma is going to leave tomorrow. Again making us wait for quite a long time. Because I heard that Puja is in late Octobers. Shrugging it off… I accompanied Nilanjan and Co. to Dum Dum Park and Sribhumi. Initially , I was feeling a bit too lazy but anyways, after the morning tour I felt good. Lunch was done back at the community hall. Food was too good and beyond my expectations.
Then a sudden plan cropped up. Baba, Mamoni and Me took a break from Kolkata crowd for a while and straightaway drove to Shaktigarh. A 4 hour up and down journey for the famous “lyangcha” was the USP of the day.
Mou Mashi and gang joined mamoni and me during the evening and it was a dinner again at Hang Out. Initially, everybody was geared up for a night out.. but eventually a visit to FD block was enough for all of us. The Hang over is still on. Maybe I had the energy but still I thought it was wise to give a break now for my later commitments. So, back to bed at 2:30 am. Snoring!!!!


Yes. Today. It is. The curtains are finally coming down tonite. The festival … which we wait for with a bathing breadth is finally over. From today , Idols would be marching off for “Bhashan”. The creative works would be moved out from their place, many of them destroyed. This is what I feel about the whole idea. Anyways, I do not have an alternative idea though.
I woke up at 11’o clock today. Lot of work up to wrap off. Finishing off with the breakfast, I did all those bits and pieces of work and organizing and arranging the whole house. Finally, life needs to come back to its original track. And yep, I am scribbling down all in my diary … finally. This was the last piece of work remaining for today.

Shubho Bijoya-r priti o suveccha janai shobbike. Boroder ke pronaam janai amar ei chotto jaigati theke. Shobai valo thakben.

And yes, I am signing off for now. Maybe I will catch up with Ind-Aus Match now. Take Care , People.


The Editorial Venture Moves On...

Yet another satisafactory Saturday morninh it was.. on 26th of September. Yes, another piece of mine got published.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part - IV]

It’s a sad September…. And it is continuing…. Two great personalities left ….Norman Borlaug and Raj Singh Dungarpur..!!!
On the other hand..i just wish that the rains take a back seat in the coming days… just the pleasant weather.. the perfect gift for the pandal hopping session..please..!!!!

But there has been few moments of “fun” under the sun..!!!! The whole scenario is set on one plot : proper utilization of public money..!!!
The first story is with a term..that had formed the theme of Central Government… “AUSTERITY”.!!!! For the past few days…it has been topping the charts … primarily kicking off with Mr. Krishna’s and Mr. Tharoor’s luxury living!!! Central Government is riding on a economic journey to properly utilize public fund..!!!!!! Sanctified thought .. you See..!!!! But Mr. Tharoor’s one liner with “cattle class” and “holy cows” is surely a winner..!!!!
Truly Tharoor has the right to joke. Because there’s sarcasm all over. The Central Government has made it clear to cut down extra expenses as much possible….noble thought and praiseworthy initiative..but what about the Statue of Chatrapati Shivaji..!!!!!!?????? Yes..Sir..please explain. How can a developing nation like India preserve such illogical thoughts????? Completely weird!!! A whopping amount of Rs 350 crores for a tourist attraction ( or formally.. for a respect towards SHIVAJI????)… Crap..!!!! An America can have a Statue Of Liberty, but not a nation..where innumerable people do not get the basic amenities for survival..!!!!!! Can’t the money be utilized for establishment of proper housing facilities, educational institutions, serve the drought affected areas?????? Where is the heart now? Where is the motive for proper utilization of Public fund?????.... Poor India…it is still dominated by sick ideologies!!! Don’t you feel Austerity is a mere “Show-off”..!!!!!!!!

Few personalities from the Film industry have raised their voices. I too did it in my space. And I hope you will do the same. Yup..jaaago..jaaago…jaago re…

The Days That Were....

Aah..back again.. I guess the longest gap till date taken by me.. could not really help.. thanks to those few commitments!!! Of course.. I’m loving them… and a special thanks to Amitava too…truly buddy..I dunno remember whether I did such tedious research work earlier on the net or not….
On the other hand..I was missing the space..truly…anyways.finally I’m back…
And yes..I was happy to see my other letter getting published… yup..the feel good factor was there…and I’m happy about the Indian Cricket Team. Finally, a finale to thrash the Lankans..!!! But I do feel bad..missing a major portion of the game..yup Sachin’s brilliant knock…but anyways I tried to make it up with Bhajji’s performance. Truly, it just gives you a feeling beyond see India lifting a trophy…and did you notice the first digital trophy..yup..concept was cool..and I feel proud that Dhoni and his men were the first to lift it..!!! Kudos..!!! I was damn disheartened to see India’s polite surrender in the group league to Sri Lanka…and succumbed by superstition I did not feel like watching the finals. Anyways, after seeing Indians defending 320.. I shrugged off the superstition.!!!
Oh meanwhile..after loitering around with few of the new ones, I finally watched “Kambakkht Ishq” and “Love Aaj Kal” …relaxing back at home… to be frank.. I quite liked the movies..( surprisingly)…maybe because it was a free of cost affair…who knows!! And Saif .. you rock man..!!! On the other hand.. I finished off with “Night at the Museum II “… and did stand beyond my expectation..!!! The conceptulisation in merging Napolean with Al Capone …and from mini Einsteins to Abraham Lincoln needs a standing ovation..!!! And the winners : Cupids doing a “MY HEART WILL GO ON” and the man from 1800 BC screwing up the cell phone..!!!
Apart..there were few funny recognitions that went on. Yesterday while returning home.. a man caught up with me.. “Kya hero!! Kya haal hain..??? I looked back.and sideways…”Was that intended for me..???”.. Carrying a blank expression throughout, I heard the man saying..he used to work in a courier service that was given on a rent .adjacent to my house; he continued..”arrey tum sab doston ke saath cricket khelte the… yaad hain..hum bhi tum log ko sath kabhi khel liya karta tha… “…True that my gang used to line up in my alley ..and faintly I could remember there was a courier service… !!! The man left..dissapointed… I shouted back ”softly”… “khair..mind mat kijiyega…”..!!!!! And on the previous weekend, a boy of my tuition class asked.. “Tumi Netaji Subhash-e porte toh??? “… “Hyan..but..tumi…????”..instant reply from my side…. And I ended up knowing he was a senior from my college..!!!! Oh’s a case of Amnesia..!!!!

But in the middle of everything.. I’m quite disturbed….one thought haunts me nowadays… is the call of TCS…sounds better or belling the “billi”..!!! I’m quite torn apart with some scrambled thoughts..I hope I recover..!!! The AIMCAT’s surely are not promising nowadays..!!!!

Whatever.. I feel I should be least for the coming days… after all it’s the season that we all Kolkattans have been looking forward too…But but.. did you notice the grandeur and popularity in Biswakarma pujas …woo… I never knew Biswakarma puja could be this big.!!!!! Anyways…Biswakarma puja…Eid…and now its Durga Puja time… a festive season all the way… wishing you and all happy and joyous days ahead… have loadzzz of fun… nd yeps…HAPPY CHATURTHI..!!!!!!

Editroial Venture Stays Afloat...

Quite a satisfied Saturday morning it was. Another letter of mine saw the light of the day. And I’ve some additional reasons to be happy… the concerned editors have trimmed down the usage of their scissors… and thankfully… the whole name “Siddhartha Sengupta” is flashing beneath the content of my letter… boo hoo..I’m excited..!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

RAINFALL AND A SLICE OF METRO far as I could remember…it has been an occasion or two..where I might have got stuck in water-clogged areas. Till date..I need not have to travel much..So I have escaped the thrashings of nature.. and blessed by the position of my locality.. I do not witness any such traumas !!! But.. everyday is not marked by uniformity.. and day before yesterday turned out to be “UNIQUE” !!! Had an important exam..hired a car to ease my journey to Central Kolkata..but fate decided something different for me!!! The heavy traffic accompanied by massive downpours distorted the schedule… was late at the exam hall..!!!!! Finally, managed to submit a decent paper.. (maybe!!!)… but the hangover is still on..!!!!!! What would have happened if I had to miss the exam!!!! Anyways, the return journey was a funny tale though. Rain drops danced at its continuous pace… coming out of the exam hall…I boarded the Metro. Luck was by my side this time. The wild rush in Metro is now and then making the headlines… creating a problematic situation all over!! It was not the office time..when I boarded could avoid the crowd and had a safe ride. As I reached Sovabazar to take auto for my home.. I found myself in oceans : ocean of people and the flooded road!!!!! WOW!! What a scene… I wanted to take a snap..but anyways..I didn’t have any provision at that time!!! Somehow..i managed to jump into one of the running autos from the chaos… the auto driver warned the rates are doubled!! Cool..Who cares!!! Sitting beside the driver, the next 20 minutes or say..seemed to be a steamer ride on the Ganges..LOL!! Manhole has been opened to flow out the excess waters… but on the contrary, it has started ejaculating more water from the underground!!!! Boom..Booom!!! Two sudden sounds. Ohh.. tyres punctured of a nearby Maruti Van!!! Man, Woman trying to stride through the waters… mothers with the schoolchildren marching on… I wanted to join the gang!!! I let one of my foot hanging…as the Auto accelerated through the waters… splash..splash..splash…the sound was… as it clashed with the waters.. though I could see dirty polythene bags to platic glasses, rotten stuffs swimming aroud!!!Ahem Ahem!!!
Do not panic… I’m quite fresh now..!!!!! day..I went through the newspaper.. and found out Tuesday witnessed the highest rainfall since its tryst with Aila earlier this year….I do not doubt dear!!!!
Even the next day… I had to move out for some seemed fine..but as I walked past my house..within a minute or two… Rain God joined me on a walk..!!!! Tthe umbrella just saved my head…that’s it…!! This time too..I had to board the Metro from Sovabazar… luckily there were no downpours the previous the area has got rid of the waters…and still boarding the metro in th office time..I found myself in a comparatively comfortable compartment.. Thank God!!.. Wrapping up my job after yesterday.. it really seemed that I passed through quite a hectic venture. Because I have not been going around much due to my “CAT”astrophic commitments!!! Phew!! … whatever it was.. I had fun..that’s what sums up!!
And yes..for the first time…I witnessed people yelling out at Metro ticket counters… “Dada..duto NAZRUL dekhi…”…. “ Amake ekta Surya Sen deben..”…. shit!!! sounded so sick!!!

But.. some pieces heard on a regular basis: Reporters line up at Kumortuli to search for updates and each year a copy-paste article – Workers in trouble; highly doubtful regarding their work completion before the Puja . Another One: Mayor and city officials are on a tour in the rains and reports condition to be better than previous time… but the commuters witnessing the same extent of hazards each and every time!!!

Arre..byata ei sarkar-ta toh rojkar khoborer kagoj aar manusher ghyanghyanani-er chotey birokto hoyeo kaaj shuru korte parre ektu..uff!!!! kichu toh monotonous public..mairi!!!!

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part - III]

September screwed up, I say.

Quite a happening month of this year… with lots of upside down..

Was a bit busy these days…wanted to scribble down from the fresh memories..but unfortunately, could not manage…
Anyways..a bright sunny morning ..feeling refreshed..(though thoughts are disturbing) so..I’m back..sitting in my own desk…

The Bengali festive is… but if I go by the sayings…” Morning shows the Day”… this month would be turning be a terrible one… !!!! With Gaffar Mollah’s “responsible “ venture in Vedic Village… it’s a bye- bye season for the software giants- Infosys and Wipro..!!! Bengal Government played the safe side. After the land ownership fiascos , the West Bengal Government has put a block over the transactions that private organizations carried on till date…
restricting it to direct transaction from itself. True, the options were limited and so such a step opted… but Singur or Rajarhat, whatever be the scenario… Bengal is loosing the route to industrialization… damn was the need of this century!!! Still in a fix, projects of Steel plants are standing far way from implementation… sole reason: infertile lands meager. It’s hoping against hope… would love to see the proverb.. “All’s Well That Ends Well” turning out to be true..!!!!

The second of this month… was again marked by a loss – disappearance and finally, death of another political figure YSR..the Andhra Pradeseh CM. Touted not only in terms of political loss, the death also marked the nation’s loss as he was the Common Man’s leader. I wasn’t really much aware of his do’s and don’ts … but the news of the poor committing suicides made it pretty evident… of Mr. Reddy’s contributions!!! Only a month ago..we lost Subhash Chakroborty..!!!!!
India is loosing out on its men.. who really worked… quite an irony!!!

But…Certainly.. the one that is making a helluva of news : The September downpours!!!!! Addressed as a blessing after the (seemingly endless) months of drought , the low pressure overturned the graph!!!! Bringing back a smile to the farmers and consumers like us… within a small span.. it is wiping it off with the adverse situations it has resulted in.!!! Continuous downpours have resulted in surplus now… again we are retained in the same state.. farmers worried and consumers upset!!!

[meanwhile… I found out my previous “bits and pieces” in the “to be continued “ state… well… I do not really remember what I planned to sketch in that section… and feeling damn lazy to find out.. so please excuse… maybe if this “short term memory loss” heals up.. I will pen them down in my next..
By the way.. Why am I flushing out excuses..’s not meant for you people.. I guess it’s just my self-realization…] signing off..and yes you.. Mr. too!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


What’s cooking? Inside? Sniff..Sniff.
Stop, I say. Why the hell would I do the rounds to find those tit-bits? The veil of privacy has been shed!!! Isn’t it?
Do you notice the today of India? Yes.. the shedding of inhibitions… oh I do not mean to say flaunting in bikinis (that’s an age old story)… but the bed room gossips and affairs are out amidst the known and unknowns … finally baring the soul out!!!!
Obviously you have noticed. It’s virtual or actual; the fever has caught up the nation at large.
But did you seat back and think, WHY?
The time you remain tight-lipped ensured that you are satisfied..rather quite satisfied to be just a face in the crowd. Talent and out of the box thinking fetched recognition, but the common man starved .Even if they were hungry for their identity between the millions.. they were still silent. But today somehow the hunger has managed to overpower the inhibitions. The prickling at the back of the mind ~ How Would I Face The Society If I Unveil Those Hidden Facts Of My Life ~ has taken a back seat.
Yes, dear..the sole reason is carving a space among the million faces and to show that- YES, I EXIST AND THIS IS ME.
The Common Man was exhausted to lead the most “Common” Life..and when the concept of Social Communities rose , it was an instant hit!! People found their platform…the platform where he can pen down the thoughts… he can voice his likes and dislikes… eventually making the world aware : I AM HERE. Today the sharing of ideas, scribbling down the discussions are day to day affairs. And while I’m blogging down these articles, I do feel..I do not have the ability to stand in the middle of the avenue and shout out my thoughts…. It’s this space exclusively available for me..where I can freely accumulate and circulate my world of thoughts…. Yes..and while you are are being aware about me..and my all those haphazard notions. Certainly, that pleases me.
Appearing for quiz shows on the television channels did etch one out, but still was a test of his talent. Few days back when I sat back to watch people discussing about what happened under the bed sheets, expectations from life and wife (knowing that he is being scanned thoroughly in a national television channel).. I was in a dilemma!! Was the cash prize luring them to unveil those secrets??? Or, there was something bigger than this. And with the coming days, I realized the underlying reason : Identity Crisis!!! Even admitting the truth relieves you from the stresses..true.
The Court room dramas verify the fact.
The ordinary lives are nowadays getting a fascinating twist with the “blessings” of such new concepts ..and yes it’s on the rise. So, be a bit aware when you switch on the television next time ..maybe your ex-girlfriend is sitting on the hot seat …f*@k!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Editorial Venture ~ RELOADED

This time..I do not want to number this article.. It's a new episode..i am not very long it would proceed... so..its the WRITING SEASON RELOADED!!!...

As usual..after mailing my article..I started browsing for mine from the following day onwards... and it was the DAY..i was waiting for. Found my name first..that made me smile... but while I went through the content..i was a bit taken aback..!!! Phew..I was failing to recognize..the editing has taken a big role for the very first time...(previously..the editing was not on this large scale..)..

Here.. I am penning down..both the original and edited can only recognize yourself.the reason for my surprise...!!!!


The plight of ours so called “valuable life” still remains a toy in the hands of drivers!! Can we blame them for their outrageous action? Simply NO. After all they are the ‘driving force’ that are dominating the roadways for years and will continue to do mercilessly. The Drivers are least bothered about their lives, and you expect them to care for ours - a mere sorry case.

Recent newspaper reports regarding the road accidents do not only trigger the ira upon these uneducated and unethical drivers , but also towards those corrupted hands who have made 'responsible' venture to manipulate the system of law and order at large. It is quite evident that the commission system needs to be done away with as soon as possible so as to scrap away the competitive mind that thrives in the minds of those silly drivers. But unfortunately , the roots of corruption, have dug in so deep that the transport minister of our State sounds doubtful regarding whether he can do away with the commission system or not in recent conversations!!! Really "applaud able"..!!!

As long as the system does not receive a good thrashing from us , our life would continue to remain as a puppet in the hands of these cursed system and such 'feted' drivers. The ball (of life) is still in their court!!!


Calcutta remains at the mercy of bus drivers who have no regard for the lives of commutators.However, the ire against errant drivers should also be directed towards corrupt officials who manipulate the system and enable drivers to dodge the law. The commission system needs to be done away with immediately to stop buses from racing each other to get the maximum number of passengers. But the rot has gone so deep that even the new transport minister was unsure about doing away with this system,and could only say that he will "look into" the matter. Unless the people protest against such thoughtlessness , citizens will continue to be puppets in the hands of irresponsible drivers and administrators.

Did You See?..Well.certainly the change in language was disappointing..but while I realized..that the editorial board gave me a recognition pleased me. Even it was a short lesson. The editorial section trimmed it in the style that they wanted my letter to be. So, next time.. I would be more careful to shape up my feelings in that particular order.

Well..that's is what sums up for tonite!!..You all bored... ?? oh.. I don't care!!! It's my space..I'm enjoying democracy..LOL!!!

And the Abortive Venture Award went to...

Though there were few articles that didn't get published...and yes..true ..they were not upto the all...and list of bloopers as follows...


"With reference to the article "A SPECTACLE" (1st February,2008), our bangali's very own BAPPI DA (Bappi Lahiri) can certainly make an entry in the list with his SPECTACULAR EYE WEAR collection i.e. either with his sunglasses or "moon"glasses that are ornamenting his eyes all day all night long !! Well its a million dollar question for me whether he takes them off during his sleep or not!! Accompanied with the gold ornaments wrapping him and his own "BHINDI- ( 'b'engali + 'hindi' ) " vocabularies, the special GLASSES do define our Disco King all in all !!!!! kyaaaaaa ???????"


"With reference to the Lead Story "AFTER EFFECT" dated 1st february 2008,how about remebering MADHAVAN-DIYA MIRZA starrer REHNA HAIN TERE DIL MEIN for being candyfloss romantic entertainer??

Though it waz a total let down at the box office, but you surf the channels and most of the time you will bump over this flick for sure and to be very precise with the film does set a light hearted mood wid MADDY wooing debutante DIYA MIRZA, the mesmerizing numbers playing in the background like "ZAARA ZAARA " ( the music still remains hot favourite) and others accompanied with a short but powerful performance by chote nawab SAIF ALI KHAN strumming the guitar or going head on collision with MADHAVAN really sets RHTDM as a good timepass movie with a popcorn in one hand and a soft drink in the another.

So this fillum is worthy enough to say "Rehna Hain Tere LIST Mein"..


"With reference to the article HEADLINES 2025 dated 11 March 2008, some more issues that can make there way on the newspaper's front page are :

1. To celebrate and establish WORLD PEACE day, George W. Bush and Osama BIn Laden gets engaged. They have decided to invite only one personality from INDIA , and she is none other than MAMATA BANERJEE - the "biggest idol of PEACE"..!!!!!

2.Ratan Tata launches "TATA MICRO" with special features of flying into the air if stuck in the road traffic or getting rescued from water logged areas.

3.Jyoti Basu decides to stand for the elections as he feels that WEST BENGAL is missing the "GOOD OLD DAYZ OF BASU RULE".

4.Children from standards 3-6are the main visitors of PARK STREET pubs as they mostly go to enjoyia chiiling CHAMPAGNE drink at the bars as post exam celebration.

5.PALM TOP is is the time for FINGER TOP. With a one inch small screen ,a small pinch can help us to expand the TOUCH SCREEN of the FINGERTOP and carry out our necessary tasks.

6.After the super success of ORKUT, here comes from a BENGAL a social communicating site called "BIS KOOT" where not only people can chat but will be served with tea time snacks beside a small hollow space of the monitor.

7.PIRACY of BLUE RAY DISCS have been widespread all over the market.

8.MICROWAVE OVEN are now being password protected so that small kids can't access them or create any damage.


10.SRK now has concentrated upon WWE after getting inspired from THE GREAT KHALI's perfromance and has decided to "buy" him and give a tagline "PHAD DE! INDIA"..!!!!!!

11.TUSHAR KAPOOR's waz model to be unveiled at MADAM TAUSSAD by SYLVESTER STALLONE !!!

12. RAM GOPAL VARMA decides to make an animation film on RGV KA AAG and Ramesh Sippy has decided to produce it!!!

But seriously what i truly want to see in the headlines of all newspaper is that THE TELEGRAPH is ranked as the NEWSPAPER OF ALL TIMES and is the number one in the business and t2 being the No. 1 ENTERTAINMENT SUPPLEMENT ."



"Here goes my very very special message to our KHAN DADA who has got a new KHANDAAN set out right here for us (kash SHAH RUKH ji ...aap yea letter par sakte the....)~

"Badi shiddat se tumhe paane ki kosish ki hain..har zaarre ne tumhe mujhse milane ki sazish ki hain...."-that is the only thing coming in my mind after you created THE BONG CONNECTION !! It is like "shonai sohaga" especially for your crazy fan following in bengal( that includes me very very much)... not only you have set the tempo high... we are really getting drownd in the cricket fever that you have generated within this period of time.Donning the role of a KING in d small screen , BAADSHAH of bollywood.... it is you only who can successfully get on being the SHAHENSHAH of the new revised entertaiment called CRICKET.What a grand "annoprashon" for the KNIGHT RIDERS it has been with your presence....and hats off to the deadly combo.. getting DADA by your side.. what more can KOLKATA ask for..???and more and more kudos to you for making a wonderful site of you team which is so well poised with all its great grand features.Last but not the least,cuming up with the "KORBO,LORBO. JITBO RE' anthem by tying up with the deadly duos of music industry, u have proved it again the BAADSHAH can never go wrong in his way of ruling..!!!

If given a chance to pen down some lines for you and your team .. then here goes my version-

"Break free gotta get some chhutti ..tod do har zanjeero ko…
Break free get ready kyon ki…aa rahe hain SRK and DADA go…

They gonna rule....makin no bhool yahi hain dawa sola aane.....
The KNIGHT RIDERS are here ..making you go paagal deewane....

Phad de ve... tor du ve... jo aayenge hume lagane thikane
We are the KOLKATA-r notun pran...jene naao o anjaane.....

Hey dude..zaara tu sa bachkke tu aab se rehna re...
Because Amrai toh korbo..amrai toh lorbbo..amrai toh ebar jitbbo re."....

E (SRK).... tum bore toh nahin ho rahe ho....!!!!"

The Editorial Venture ~ Part V

[Preamble: The last one in the session...with which I will finish of my trumpet blowing syndrome. The "LETTER OF THE WEEK" which got published while asked to pen down the new curriculum that can be added by the Bachchan family in their upcoming project of opening an institute]

"With reference to the article “ MODEL SCHOOL ” published on 3rd March 2008, some more curriculum can be added up for this trendy school to make it a completely hatke one..!!!!


Big and Small B can both take up this extempore classes for guiding students and developing them for the betterment of speech delivery taking the instance of films like LAGAAN and others. The kids can even impart this skill in the advertisements..!!!


Big B will be the ideal teacher to help the students keep fit so that they can continue to ROCK n’ ROLL till the age of 65 or even more..!!!


This special course should be taken up by the three – Senior AB, Junior AB, Bahu AB so that even if a student fails to succeed in his own desired path , that individual can easily switch off to the Ad world for ‘fame’ and money..!!!!!


If you see a XII standard student romancing a III standard student in the school campus …. You can very well understand Amit ji’s has imparted the basic knowledge ….”Arre umar kya cheez hain.. dil ko dekho yaar”…. !!! Guest lecturers can be appointed for this class and they are none other than MISS JIAH KHAN and TABU.!!!!


They comprises the mandatory session of the school as importance of "puja paths" and wearing stones of different colours on all the fingers will be taught there!!


"No loosing hope... if you fail once..again you can take up a disastrous path to fail again ... no hurry at all.. whenever success needs to come up it will turn need to run after success..!!!!!"
The mentors there will be stressing upon this statement as they know how to give deliver flos after flops continuosly in more than 10 films and how to get drowned in "AAG" even after creating a "NISHABD" massacre..!!!!

If all these sessions can be compiled and executed , definitely we can say proudly ...... "WHAT AN IDEA"L SCHOOL , SIRJI...!!!!!"

The Editorial Venture ~ Part IV

[Preamble: t2 wanted the readers to prescribe some "NANO" modes which can be implemented after Ratan Tata launched the most interesting and of course, the most controversial vehicle of the era. Lucky article finished with a winning note]

"With reference to the article "SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL" (Wednesday,20 February) some more things or people do find their way in the list as follows:

a) HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY SYLLABUS: The contents of history books should be made short and compact or else it really makes us go krazzzyyyy remembering the peculiar dates like when AKBAR killed whom and the day when Bhagat Singh started shouting “INQUILAB ZINDABAD” ; and continuing with the Geography books , the list of jowar and bajra crops growing here and there in India or knowing where the rain washes away a part of the country..remebering all these lists chapter after chapter really gives a horrifying feel,and while the exams start knocking at the door …. it results in saying “THE SYLLABUS IS DANCING"..!!!!!!!!!

b)SHORTENING OF MOBILE CONNECTION PROVIDERS "COMMENTARY": Everytime the date of recharging of balance in our cell phone approaches,the service providers start calling us up, and while we make our important calls they again give out their "lectures" each and every moment prior to our call..!!!Give a reminder once for God's sake..!!!!!!!!

c)A PLEAD TO ASHUTOSH GOWARIKER AND KARAN JOHAR FOR MAKING FILMS - Ashu ji and Johar saab can entertain us with their films only, no need to go for those three and half hours of "documentaries" !!!or else next time ur masterpieces would find place in 'THE HISTORY CHANNEL'..!!!!!!

d)LESS OF MANDIRA BEDIS OR RAKHI SAWANTS - These type of women are in the news or tv shows to make all the stuffs boring and painful,so if it is impossible to say a bye bye for you...atleast give a break!!! thoda to rehem karo..!!!!!!

e)CUT DOWN THE ASTROLOGY SHOWS - Either these programs should be lessened to a great extent or better they should be packed away.... arrey pehle khud koh toh samhalo..phir hum logo ko samhalnaa ASRTOLOGER saab!!!!!"

The Editorial Venture ~ Part III

[Preamble: t2 announced 7th February as "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE DAY" . And asked us to articulate a fictional situation which would make anyone run for his life. Mine bagged "THE LETTER OF THE WEEK" title]

"With reference to the article "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE DAY" dated 7 th february,2008,a burning news can be added up to create a massacre in bollywood!!!!

The "never ending soap" maker Ekta Kapoor has decided to take up the Director's chair for the first time and decided to take Tusshar Kapoor in the lead (to extract his "hidden talent as an actor" which till date remain "unnoticed") after some 'big bollywood stars' turned it down !!!! The Siblings say -

Ekta Kapoor: 'The movie is tentatively titled Kyunki Kahani Abhi Baki Hain.." and will be released in sequels till Tushhar doesn't receive a FILMFARE AWARD in the BEST ACTOR CATEGORY.'

Tusshar Kapoor: ' It is going to be my dream project with all the actors and actresses from Ekta's serial coming up for brief roles (!!!) , and talks are going on with KATRINA KAIF for being the lead actress in this project.'

( hey,KAT run!!!! or else TUSSHAR will present you with the nightmare of your career!!!)

Well TUSSHAR's role was first offered to UDAY CHOPRA ( he turned it down as he is busy with his home production 'NEAL N' NIKKI :2') and then to ZAYED KHAN. The latter also turned it down because he says he had talked to STEVEN SPIELBERG for re-making his movie "ROCKY" and if things get finalised, ZAYED smiles amd says : Nobody gonna stop me from bagging the OSCAR this time....'!!!!!

SRK,AMIR are you people listening????? or else... had they run away from BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!"

The Editorial Venture ~ Part II

[Preamble : It was t2's first anniversary and readers were asked to pour down their wishes. And mine was... ]

When the sun spreads its smile over my face
I sprang and jump up right from my base,

Running to the balcony I search for t2
You lie in front and say " Here I'm just for you",

Not only today, not only yesterday
You spread an everlasting smile day after day,

Everyday I pray for you to prosper and grow
So that each of your anniversaries go dashing in a row,

Dressing yourself up in all cool stuffs as you make us smile
Today I especially wish you to move forever mile after mile,

So with lots and lots of love i just wanna say
many many many haapy returns of the day.... :)

The Editorial Venture ~ Part I

[Preamble : After Shah Rukh Khan became the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, t2 asked the readers to pen down their thoughts predicting what could be the next investment plan of SRK in Bnegal. t2 suggested some ideas. Readers were asked to add few more.I took the attempt and was quie successful in making my article ~ " LETTER OF THE DAY" ]

The article :

"With reference to the article BUY BUY,SRK (26 th Jan.2008), according to me, a vital thing that needs to be added in that list and that is a SHOPPING MALL by d Baadshah!!
He is such a big brand name and endorsing more or less each and every item ranging from Pepsi to Himalaya Sona Chandi to Belmonte Suitings to Hyndai i10 a mall would be a superb concept with all the brands coming in with their showrooms!! Even the short kurtas or Suits that are worn by him in a particular film can be displayed and distributed through lucky draws!! Again,a multiplex within it to run SRK’s new films along with his old flickz and even a small counter can be made from where KBC IV’s entry form will be available!!! Last but not the least,wid SRK turning out to be the new item boy of bollywood a centre stage to be made where he can come up to perform the “Dard” or “No-dard” Discozzz.!!!! And if a SIX FLOOR shopping mall can be made, what can be d better name for it –‘SRK’ mall bole to ‘S’IX ‘R’ACK ‘K’OUNTRY mall!!!!"

Down the memory lane...

I had a happy morning today. After the previous attempts, finally my letter got to see the light of the day in the Telegraph's main editorial section. I'm satisfied. But not overjoyed. Yes, because it's nothing new to me, after all. For the freshers, I used to pen down articles for the "T2" ~ the entertainment papyrus that is circulated with The Telegraph. And during that time only I realized that I had a spree in writing. As I had earlier stated, I never had he knack to go through the serious stuffs in the newspapers.And editorial section was a strictly no-no for me. Letters to Editor was confined for the intellectuals nad luckily some got their names flashed!!! ~ summed up my misbelievings!!
Umm.. it was in the month of January .. previous year only, I saw some of the letters of my acquaintances getting published!!!... Not a Big Deal..then..Man!!! I uncorked the digital ink and started penning down my thoughts on various issues..and yes..they got successively published as Letters of the Day..Week..bla bla..from the very first day!!! Things went quite good...but maybe I was turning a bit arrogant.. I guess...!!! Whatever I would be scribbling...would be an instant hit!!! ~ another misconception stuck my bloody head!!!..And I realized this when few articles of mine went non-published!!!! I learnt from my mistakes very soon though...but one article...I penned it down with care..and it is still close to my heart....failed to make a space for itself again!!! Maybe i was damn egoistic...I stopped penning down any such articles..and vowed not to write again!!!!
Well..well... dayz passed..and I realized my mistakes... I needed to improve from my side...and I backed myslef with the words ~ "try..try and u'you gonna be successful". This time I wanted to expand the horizon..and I made the main editorial section as my new target. And making quite a contrary to my previous venture , I failed to make a mark with my first second one...and the third one ..!!!!!! But yes..I have improved myslef...I never gave up my hope... I expanded my attempts...though were few in numbers!!! But still...and by the way... within this span.. this lovely blogging bite has kept me pre-occupied. It's a refresher...I say. And certainly..I am having an affair with CTC... and why not... it is the only one who provides me the space to scribble and say...pouring down my emotions with my heart out...without protesting... it allows me to remain as I am.. Love ya..CTC..for giving me the space...
And today..while..I got to see the letter in the editorial section.. I felt..nostalgic..and yes..this was the space..where I had to say everything..simply everything.... And for many..who never saw my previous trysts with writing...I would be updating this space..only.. \m/

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part -II]

Again.. some thoughts.. captured in those bits and pieces.... basically the insights of them are pretty vague to me..due to my lack of interest ... i presume to be coined as "Ignorant" only!!! Whatever... lemme be no pessismist and roll over my optimism... the spirit within me keeps the check.

Well, I just took down this day finally... the choice i guess is not bad at all...and (of course..better late than never )... some lines for the KING OF POP from my views. Firstly, a very Happy Birthday to the personality who has moonwalked into a different space , quite far from our grasp . Till today , I've remained a bit "desi " type... ignorant about the "videsi " cult..(sorry just a small break in my promise!! Excuse me.) And eventually it is quite tough for me to pen down any stuffs from the WestSide!!! But still I do feel a line or two can be penned down in memory of the greatest POP Singer the world witnessed ... at least I do have that much of capability..!!! LOL!! Anyways.. to be true I never had a knack for keeping informations regarding the singers down the west... i was pretty satisfied with my "desi" knowledge but I did keep a "bit n piece " knowledge regading those of MJ!!!... After can't ignore the God!!!wat say????
But frankly, during my schooldays , i did doubt about MJ... was this amazing creation of God " a he or a she"..!!!! Sorry MJ!!! Your cosmetic surgeries are to be blamed..!!! Anyways , jokes apart.. I came to know about you from your signature dance steps!!!

( To Be Continued... )

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Faalein .. Fahid tu toh fatafatii hain.!!!! sorry..!!!! Just got the Charlie “bite” right on my tongue.!!! Arre..Talent aache bhai..bole toh labh nei…simply kapiye diyechho ..!!!!!!Tukhor acting..!!!

Am I sounding bizarre? Umm..I stop then.!!! It’s just that I’m back from Inox after seeing Shahid Kapoor nd Co. ~z “Kaminey”panti..!!!!! And I’m bowled over by the neat execution of characters that uphold the spirit of “Kaminey”.

It has been a long time. The last time was Billu. After a long gap of 6 months, I’m back in the plexes with my popcorn tub and coke. And it felt good to catch a good movie after such a long time. The disappointing factor was ~ it was simply a “good” movie and nothing more. The expectation went down after the 2 hours 30 min approximate extravaganza. Anyways, will come to the explanation on expectation later on. I’m simply excited to pen down my first movie review in my very own space !!!!!

Though 5 minutes late , I thought that maybe I would miss a thing or two from the beginning. But that didn’t really bother. The story was woven around the typical 70’s theme of two brother getting separated in their childhood , both growing up in different environment ; thus one good Shahid “Guddu” Kapoor rises from one end while Shahid “Charlie” Kapoor at the other end and finally at the climax , Happy the Endings. The plot has been thrown within the genre of betting and gang war in “ amchi Mumbai” ~ a common affair of the city. So , the script really had nothing new to offer . Old saying goes for this : Old wine in a new Bottle.

Keep the old wine aside. The new Bottle is what that can drive the audience ‘s attention towards the movie. And that is the beautiful execution of the characters and splendid show of acing caliber. I’m confused a bit..umm..with whom should I start?? Well , let’s start with the central character only around whom the story has been woven .
Shahid has shown he is class apart. His chameleon act in the forms of Guddu (the good guy) and Charlie ( the notorious criminal) needs a standing ovation. He portrayed the two characters in such a fine manner would never feel as if both the roles have been enacted by Shahid himself. So distinct and clear. He stands tall and without any doubt , he is the pillar of strength in this film. This work would remain as one of his best venture throughout his career.. I challenge. I take a bow (and especially after those visuals of your flexing of muscles..!!!Kudos)…
Next is Piggy Chops in the review avenue. And she is WOW!!! Again a brilliant piece of work. Fashion, Dostana and now Kaminey. Successively putting up such work makes it look so effortless job. Such is her capacity. And she is continuously developing herself as one of the fine actresses on Indian film industry. Piggy “Sweety” Chopz never really seemed to be just the hero’s heroine .. but one of the main protagonist and she uses her prescribed space damn efficiently. The scenes : excitement in Pri Chopra’s eyes when Shahid Kappor finally agrees to marry her ; tackling the goons during her marriage party or just before the climax ~ are some of them : HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!
Next in the ladder is Amol Gupte. Is he the same man behind “Taaren Zameen Par”??? I just wondered while I watched the whole movie. He seemed to be such a shy guy in those ward functions, it seemed. But no. Totally wrong … I was proved as this “bad man of Maharashtra “ took over the screen by storm. What a performance…simply overwhelming. Each of the frames are brilliant whichever belonged to him as he capitalized on it and delivered the finest of the acting skills. I’ve become your fan ,tubelight..( whatever.. you say.)..Sir..!!!!
No more discrimination required all other people did have few screen spaces and yes, they were good. Again , this guy..Chandan Roy Sanyal (Charlie’s buddy) stands tall within them . Just today only I got to know his name in the t2. He made a fine debut with his “mad mad baady” act…!!! A bit of disappointment was : Rajatave Dutta was wasted. I expected a bigger and better prominence ,anyways maybe next time.

No more talks regarding Music. Already it is a chartbuster. Vishal Bharadwaj~ the music director can just do magic. And no exceptions here too. And as I move along , his directorial skill is way above my critical analysis. Only that this time , he has commercialized his story telling and thus a bit of change in direction. But even after such an appreciation..why do I say only “good” to this movie..???? Simply because, after Maqbool and Omkara , you easly hace your expectations geared up high. Though both of his masterpieces are adapted..but certainly getting them executed with the background of India was highly commendable job. But this time, as the script had no adaptation…it falls quite flat. It just do not match up with the earlier masterpieces. The characters are the only saviors in this plot!!!

Even today …the Lyangda Tyagi that Vishal created out of the metro sexual guy remains as one of the finest characters in the history of Indian Cinema. Yes , as Mr. Bharadwaj can spell magic with his creation of characters… so I do expect the same magic to thrive upon the story telling too.

[Meanwhile , I do have a tendency to read or hear the movie reviews from the esteemed film critics before I go for a movie. They warned that the movie had lots of twists and turns and you need to give a full on concentration or else you may miss out a big part. I remained cautious all along the movie after those precautionary notes. Neither did I find such “twists and turns “ nor did it seem that I miss a big part ( even though I was I told you)!!!! I got confused : Who was dumb? Me ..or They? Anyways… ]

And while I sign off ….. Sss.ssssshahid Kapoor… tumi jjjjhhhhakasss..!!!!!!! Oops..this is the Guddu bite..!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part -I]

I preferred to sketch some broad spaces like my previous posts… regarding some issues.. but unfortunately , I changed my mind. May be I could have skipped them.. but the bug to pen down thoughts on this current affairs has bitten me quite hard.. so I came back. Basically these issues had been blown to such an extent and covered up in each and every dailies , no new discussions can really be turned up for or against them. Some chewed up controversies..and some eyesores..!!!!

The first nomination of course sails over to our esteemed Hindu party.. The BJP ~ the “B”haratiya “J”ungli “P”arty..!!!!Right from the days they lost their elections, their “chintan” has stirred up controversies time and again..!!!! ( doubt)… The so called “to be Prime minister in dreams “ iron man of BJP had started bad mouthing the Governemnt..and when it was not enough… the Vasundhara Raje controversy was succeeded by the expelling of Jashwant Singh from the party..!!!! With this latest “venture” , they clearly demonstrated how much democratic thoughts are lacking within the party ideals!!! Surely , Vajpayee is being missed . His absence has a clear impact : the ruining of party ideals. Jashwant Singh was a minister with proper ideals and thus was close to Vajpayee during his tenure as a Prime Minister ; a book published with a freedom of thought should have warmly accepted in a democratic country ..not banned in states or expelling the author without providing a word to say !!! Banning a book would never stop the ideas to flow ; but the change in ideologies would do with a positive motive. A party suffering from such mental strains and internal disruptions dreams of governing a developing nation!!! Certainly , maniacs they are..!!!!
I wish to say the national dailies to stop spending their valuable spaces for such harebrained individuals!!!!!

Moving on with my second nomination. What’s in a name..oops..”Khan”..!!!! Certainly..lots and lots into it. On the 15th ,as I switched on my television for NDTV, I was just keeping my fingers crossed ; hoping no controversial news or terrorist activity reports spring up!!! Bullshit!!! SRK stuck at Newark Airport for security checking…news channel certainly had that news to be telecasted solely!!! First glimpse, I got disturbed (being a SRK admirer)… but gradually got pissed off..!!!!! Rest of the day..and with the follwing days , the controversy kept on banging at each section… I asked to myself.. Was this the biggest news for upset !!!!! Surely “Celebrity worship” sees no bounds in this region of the Earth. The latest ~ Irfan pathan – on the verge- of being kissed ~ is another illustration!!! Certainly the SRK story needed to be told but was there any requirement for blowing up the issue???? The last piece was certainly “amusing”… “MY NAME IS KHAN “ got its publicity stunt!!! Lol!!!

Now I enter a different genre of discussion. It’s not the chewing gum story , but an eyesore stuff for me atleast. The front pages splashed photographs of Mamata Banerjee discussing about industrial developments in Bengal with the high profile industrialists!!! Was not this lady responsible for the countless strikes , for Nano’s dream run to end in Bengal???? Nothing much to say . I would be glad to see some promising projects in the heart of our State like you all… and then I would surely join you for a round of applause for the changing “Didi”..!!!

Fairly, quite enough regarding this discussions!!!!
Umm…I’m suddenly surprised..!!! Am I the person who is penning down on issues like this..!!! I can very well remember I skipped those political affairs and national news and jumped to the sports section of the newspapers..!!!!!!! even a year back!!!

Hmm…a wind of change within me too…quite a change. Loving it. Oh..i remembered something…England has won the Ashes… kudos to the blowing wind..!!!!

... And now the "Vedic" vandalism

History has evidenced. So did we. Long terms of repression by the dominating side has created some of the biggest turmoils in the history of civilization. And a small instance has again cropped up.
Parts of Bengal have started their protest march against the 33 year old regime , thus bringing in the winds of change. The stagnancy needed to be stirred and 2008-09 has already started moving down the pages of History. The huge uproar of “onicchuk chashi” followed by downswing in elections and proceeding to the Maoist protests have shaken the ground beneath the ruling government. And such is the huge impact, the left front seems to break down like a house of cards!!! With none of the injuries seeming to heal up ,another sudden impact slashes down its roots in a quick succession!!!! The latest that adds up : the scathe at the Vedic Village!!!!

My father practices at a Nursing Home in Baguiati and he has his several patients lining up from the areas where Vedic Village stands. The patients used to discuss the worsening of situations in livelihood as their lands were forcibly occupied for the development of this establishment. I hear my father citing an example of a farmer…” on one fine morning ,some promoters came up to his house and asked for the land in exchange of subscribed monetary …and after the deal was set… on that very midnight, the promoters made a comeback armed up to demand back the money from the farmer. The next day the farmer is landless without a single penny!!!! “…..

Just the story of a single individual… this kind of harassment and repression were carried by the promoters with the help of the ruling party over several lives to acquire the land for Vedic Village and take home the profits!!!! … The evil spirit of domination has acquired such a position that a defeat in a football match created in a fierce shootout!!!
Innocent lives lost, injured in this sudden outburst!!!

Just a perfect stage set up for the villagers to charge up and their wrath took the televisions by storm!!!! The seeds of suffering had been long sown by the promoters with the help of ruling party and after the sudden firing , the affected had no reason to stand back ; they retaliated..and retaliated hard to bring down the posh Vedic Village into ashes!!!

Nothing surprising!!! Maybe disturbing at the first look..but understandable with the second. How long can you pose like Gandhiji’s three monkeys and sit ??? As I mentioned before , its just History is on its repeat mode. Curbing of democratic rights followed by decentralization has to end somewhere. It is time for Bengal to witness it.

Yesterday , a patient has turned up at my father’s clinical den… he was shot at one of his legs yesterday during the football match. Well, I’m praying that he gets well very soon and immediately join the bandwagon..!!!! For the good, of course..!!!

Life In a "METRO"

The radical change in the political wind has maintained the hullabaloos within the state from the days when Bengal evidenced a shift from a 33 year old dominance. Issues, policies, motives stirring up from different corners have kept the headlines busy with them. Cooking them up with controversies has of course spiced up the drama!!!

The latest from the corner is the unveiling of the new route for the Metro Station from Tollygunj to Garia Bazar…oops wrong dude..Uttam Kumar to Kazi Nazrul Islam…!!! Sounds Dis… anyways…!!!!

..umm… back in 2005.. the work had just started seeing the light of the day…we friends used to see the construction works going on as we moved pas the Garia Station area for our college. As each year progressed, we used to ask ourselves, whether we could see this Metro Station ready before our graduation… more questions now though, the route has been made ready for a flag off.. though it took a few more days than we expected….anyways better late than never (as the saying goes..and this holds)…
Getting the whole Kolkata connected by the Metro has been quite an appreciable plan..but while I cross the roads adjacent to City Centre Mall and Sector –V , the visuals around pinches me hard..!!!!!! Large stretches of greenery uprooted.. road dividers vanished to pave way for the Metro..!!! The sight is a time you would feel to go and straight away prohibit these actions..!!!!! But reality has been faced from the changing times.. urbanization leads to depreciation of natural resources..!!! So . no exceptions either..!!!!

Anyways.. I think I was not really intending to go into these stuffs… but to focus on the inaugural function of the Metro route from Tollygunj to Garia. Well.. nevertheless , quite an auspicious occasion it was!!! But as the program got telecasted , I was quite confused ~ was this an inaugural ceremony of Metro Station or a TMC rally ????...
[Before I make my further comments , I would like to mention that neither I’m inclined to “Left” or “ Right”… I support any ideologies (whichever team comes up with) that deals with the uplift of Common Man ]
The act of tollywood stars teaming up with the uprising political force of Bengal was wrapped under the Uttam Kumar trump card. Apparent view presented : In the Loving Memory of late Uttam Kumar , the Railway Minister does the formalities; Actual Inner View prescribed : another campaigning of TMC with some people from industry “officially” shifting their sides..!!! The natural tendency is to oil the stronger section .. so this show was no exception either!!!
(Meanwhile.. did you notice Tapas Pal… oh I did…and got confused with my first sight.. I felt that I saw some “local gunda” with our “beloved” didi..!!!! )

Now,Left Front has been left back with its loopholes in the recent days…. thus gradually loosing their three decades old foothold..!!!! But atleast , the contribution of theirs in this Metro Rail development should not have been bypassed..!!! The Railway Minister should have invited the Chief Minister and State Minister with a more cordial manner without thinking of the political differences, it was a State affair after all..!!!! umm..can’t be helped.. every dog has his day…rather sessions..!!!!

And yes yes… the “tamasha” that lies ahead .. I feel is with the saying “What’s in a name????”… one of the worthless saying.. to be dumped..!!!! The “tamasha” is of couse distinct when you see a metro rail staff saying ….. “ dada, ekta Uttam Kumar 6 taka”..!!!!! The Chief Minister , though, pointed out this..but have been involved in this coining affair before..!!!
It’s not restricted to Uttam Kumar , Kazi nazrul islam.. but extends to Rajiv Gandhi in the central. Though we know , there is Mahatma Gandhi Road, AJC Bose Road… but the continuous usage of names of such personalities in coining different projects certainly does not describe the true respect toward them… these human beings have immense contribution in their fields of work and just a statue at one corner..or using his/her name does not stand tall..!!!! The duty lies in extending their ideals by proper and efficient hardwork with truly dedicated and anti-corrupted mindset!!!! The packaging does not help , but the actual content does. Those great personalities have laid the foundation stones.. our job is to concretize the projects for a prospering tomorrow..!!!!!

The inaugural of the Metro station has thus lit up the sparks…and in the coming days … the sparks seems to get more excited… hey there…fingers on the triggers ..!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dedicated to the Voice of Common Man...

Another piece of memorabilia only. While sketching down the gleeful moments in one of my previous blog regarding 3rd of August , another sketch of an incident struck my inner mind. And I needed to pen it down. The sudden demise of the man – a true leader of the masses – the voice of common man ~ yes none other than our Sports and Transport minister Subhash Chakraborty.

Well, while the eyes scroll though newspaper columns and land up at the news of “Swaaransabhas” of this individual , I still find it hard to believe that this Man is no more. True. He will always be in the hearts of his innumerable followers , but the disappearance of his physical existence will cost a lot. I have experienced that.

Just an year ago. The same old story of owner-renter feud. Basically , we used to give away our ground floor on a rent for office purposes to many private firms for years. Several came and went. But the 2002 gang was horrible!!!! The firm had its business in dredging and used to get Government contracts in such jobs. Few years went away without any hassle. But it was after 2006, I guess they suddenly stopped paying the rent themselves in their scheduled time and every month we really had to beg for our share. Things went like this , but entered a bitter road as one day suddenly the firm owners challenged us . Exchange of foul words, and followed up by police intervention highlighted the issue. Though, we had our support from our relatives and neighbors ; but we were challenged by the private firm as they continuously showed their “strong” political connections. Well at this moment of time, I guessed things would move into a more darker zone. But luck was by our side. Dad had some sources through which he approached Subhash Chakroborty and once the matter reached there..well within a few days of time , we had regained control over our ground floor.

Not really interested to go into the detailing of this episode , but just the conclusion that ~ Subhash babu was the true helping hand of the Common People like us. What is so admirable, so appreciable is that he had lend out his supportive hand to any people whoever approached him despite of having differences in their political thoughts.
He had his own thoughts and tried to garner them, often landing up in controversies but what so ever, he had always been an active personality of his team.
He gained the confidence of the masses and was a Winner all the way. Pros and cons are parts of every Human being. So , despite the cons , his contribution is unforgettable.

As newspapers reported the serious deterioration of his health , like his followers , I too believed he will brave away all the odds this time too to regain his Winning position. But Reality had some other tale to tell. 3rd August does not really mark the demise of Subhash babu.. but curves a black mark in the history of West Bengal Government. Will there be another person to whom you could reach out easily with your problems being assured that they are going to be solved?? I guess..the answer is NO.

As words fall short… so did the stock in flower shops get exhausted as Subhash Chakraborty ‘s body was taken for cremation. I did not know how to one shop owner was heard saying : “ We do not remember whether me or my past one or two generations had witnesses such a sell in flowers till date”… truly touching.

The whole Kolkata seemed be on the streets on 4th August to catch a glimpse of the Winner. And he stayed a Winner I must say. That is why he bid an adieu before the Assembly Elections of 2011..!!!!!


Yashodeep Sengupta.My brother. My friend. He is one of those guys with whom I teamed up in the UKG days and share an unforgettable rapport.
And why do I take up a thanksgiving tonight? Well, I just checked out that you reached your golden mark in your blog space. A Big and Heartfelt Congratulations for this accomplishment.
I have never really browsed must blog spaces till date. But going through your space, the varieties of pieces wrapped with high quality vocabulary is a treat to the eye and of course provide a great delight to the readers.
But why the thankgiving? Because on a bigger note, I dedicate my blog scribbling to you. Yes, you deserve it buddy. You have been a constant inspiration for me right from the school days. I still remember the quality of your English language usage in those answer sheets of our terminal examinations. I simply cherished them.

Well we joined hands in the Letter to editor sections in t2.And now it has extended to this blogspace.

I wish you all the very best, Mr. Journalist. Let those thoughts of your free mind gets sketched down now and then. And I wish to gather more and more inspiration from you in the coming days.
Happy Blogging buddy. Keep up the good work. God Bless.
NOTE : Readers do visit ( Yashodeep's blogspace). You will love to go through them.