Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Reform : that’s the bandwagon everyone is counting upon. And, Protest : each of us is upbeat about. These two terminologies have shared an unmatched rapport with each other for decades and will continue to do so mirthfully in the upcoming years. Truly a bonding that is so nonpareil.And why should not it be? These two are the building blocks in the path of development and growth. Their positive effectuation has led to where mankind is.

The wind has started blowing again. With UPA Government’s second consecutive tenure, Reform has been the central theme in its administration. As the Government is slowly and steadily developing the reform ideas , one has already caught the nation at large and protests have already started to dance their way in. And that one idea is nothing other than : Kapil Sibal’s 100 day reform program.

The 100 day reform program has its syllabi constituting of keeping Board exams optional at 10 th Standard , implementation of Gradation system and employ a Single All India
Board to conduct the school leaving examinations. Even our respected HRD minister has thought of doing away with Board examinations at XII th standard ; but before coming into that let me analyse the previous points. Of course just as many political parties , even members of UPA government and many educationist did , I would like to point out the flaws on few points. Time for protest to join in , here I go.

Honestly speaking , removal of Board examinations would do nothing better. Students and their respective parents could be stress free is no issue basically. Today the world has its share of competitiveness in all its avenues and a brush up with that is no harm. Today or tomorrow you have to face the challenges ; so there is no moving away from it and let the competitive attitude creep in ; if worked upon,of course in a positive manner, it would lead to the betterment only. Internal assessments would fail to judge our position in the bigger arena ; and so let the big hurdles come up our way.These challenges would even enforce you to face failure , but who cares ; the wise said it : Failure is the pillar of Success. So let the brushing up mechanism persist. Frankly, stress is bound to tie up a little less or little more ; no way to shy away from it.

Moving on, I have no aversion towards the gradation system ; even most people gave a thumbs up to it. It is quite a scientific way of evaluation and should be rolled out as soon as possible. It would be a very salubrious decision as it keeps away the dispiriting associated with even a difference of half a marks!

But now lies the most controversial issue that needs to be sieved out- whether a Single Board would manage all the school leaving examinations? Practically it seems inconceivable. It is learnt that there are 40 odd Boards who conduct their examination all over India ; and now with one single board to take up such responsibility is a huge burden to deal with. To have an assay over the incalculable institutes in India would be a tedious job for a Single Board to carry out. Even the principle idea is challenged by commenting : centralization would lead to hold back the country in a middle standard thus denying independent quest of excellence and autonomy to innovate. But I feel maybe this decision would have helped to reduce the disparity; the distinguishable factors are often a reason to the inducement of backwardness in a certain section. Moreover I strongly support the centralization in grading system, a ‘high five’ to that decision! There is a far cry among the marking system that several boards offer. Simply ,that is not done. I feel each and every individual should be judged on a common grading scale. The reason is simple : Back in Kolkata , a student scores better in an ICSE board rather than in a CBSE board.The sagacity varies from there!

Wait. It does not end up here. Decisions regarding higher education too have been slapped with criticism. Should foreign universities be in or not? Should they follow the norms set by Indian Universities or not? Bigger and better hurdles are just up on the way.
With the present scenario in mind, foreign universities should pave their way in because in a way it is expanding the stature of Globalisation. Of course , the business mechanism would creep in fast , but that really needs to be checked upon for proper uplifting of the education system. As per the norms are concerned , let there be a public forum to answer it. The students , the teachers and the administrative body can have a discussion regarding these and the apt ones can be carried out. Rigidity would do no good , so flexibility moves up in the ladder.

The game of reform and protest has started. The players are all set out ; clash of thoughts have kicked off. Let us take up our sides too and voice it out loud. May the best man..oops.. the Best ideals win.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

CoNnEcTeD @ 100 MbPs

Round and round zip zap zoom
Net freaking goes on a bloom.

Tring trong tring connecting at a go
Lifez never been as it is so.

Communities , Messengers , Blogs on a rise
Hurdles to connect on the way dies.

Orkut, Hi5 , Yahoo Messenger paving the way
Making your friend listen to what you wanna say.

Blogger, Open Diary, Xanga posts your comments
Some reflects burning topics or some on beautiful moments.

Long lost friends connect now at a click
New friends are made through this manner so sleek.

Quickness and Reliability marks new age communication
You remain connected wherever lies your destination.

Life is now at an ease ; time for headache to leave the stage
While sleek and compact communication thrives at the new age.

Zip Zap Zoom Tic Tac Toe
conected you are at a go...
Lifez relaxed and tension free
itz new technology providing the key.

( This is an extract from my English Lab Project at college which I composed for my project work. It has been my favourite till date and today I wished to share with you guys. I hope you enjoyed reading it. )

Friday, June 26, 2009


A cricket icon. A true fighter. Pride of India. Beloved son of West Bengal. Moreover , the MAHARAJA reigning the heart of multitudinous fans of his. Yes he is our very own – Saurav ‘DADA’ Ganguly.
But today , I am in a dubious state when I’m stating so!!
One of the most respected citizen of our country and a renowned personality all over the globe has thrown me in a perplexed position…simply because I am not being able to compare that Saurav Ganguly with this Saurav Ganguly.
What do I intend to state when I say “this Saurav Ganguly”? Simple. I am pointing out the individual who has just lost his aesthetic sense !!!! It is just a bounderish act to think of setting up a School in the Salt Lake plot!
With two schools already in proximity and increased number of student strength with passing days, the area remains quite congested. The neighbours do suffer from the daily ongoing hassle due to the sound pollution and air pollution ; increased number of transport giving rise to traffic congestion has led to ireful situations.
Already possessed with a scenario like this , how come Ganguly come up with such a project within that area? Doesn’t he own a bit of humanity within him? Can’t he care for the bit of peace that the residents can still relish!!! Well if he doesn’t , then certainly he has gone insane!!! Just the bloody business mechanism has excited him so much, that he has lost all his thought power!!!!
Well , on what basis is Saurav making up his mind? Is it because he land was already allotted to a college ;and so now if he has taken it up , it has become legal to him!! Weird man!!! Somebody shows you the wrong path and you are going to blindly pat him and move on. Dada, your idea is disdained. That’s it.
What more? You say if a house can come up on an empty plot, why not a school!!! Are your senses at the right place, Mr. Saurav Ganguly? Justify it please. A school would lead to more of the commotions, you get it Sir.
I completely stand by the NGO and residents of CA block as their protests are very much vindicated and to be very true Saurav Ganguly’s project is a malevolence towards those residents. I wish that Ganguly just moves out from his ignominious step and give a sensible thinking again.
Aah…sorry I’ve been too harsh now..I feel!!
(meanwhile I strongly apologize to all those hardcore Dada’s admirers if my words hurt them.. but I just couldn’t stop from expressing today!!!)
Come on Dada , you can’t go and hurt Bengali’s sentiments by giving priority to this project. You can really find some better option for this venture. These residents of CA block do respect you for your outstanding contributions ; but today you are paving an opprobrious way for yourself!!!!
I’m hopeful, still.
Ganguly , you have been an ANGEL to the new era of Indian cricket… but did any DAEMON overpower you? Shrug it out , DADA!!! Because you can. Otherwise, well the DEMON has started reigning. Poor culmination.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Big Question : Quality v/s Quantity

It's just that we are too many... just too many of us!!! And we are those individuals who are cropping up from those widespread mushrooms popping up at evey street corner nowadays called PRIVATE ENGINEERING COLLEGES!!!!....yes..no prizes for guessing...we are the damn engineers from Bengal - the worst affected graduates from this part of India.

Why do I pick up a topic like this and discuss now?... when i have already done away with my graduation and feeling 'happy happy' to enter another new chapter of my life : the corporate phase. Just because my eyes landed upon the news regarding - Begining of counciling sessions for the Engineering colleges. I just have a panicky feeling now when I can see another big cluster of individuals is aspiring to join our gang!!!! And what does this 'gang' comprise of ?.... Just a graduate with an Engineering degree whose value is getting withered away as the years are passing by.
What is more frightening is when we will enter the corporate sector ......... because we will stand there naked..that's it!!!!.... After spending four years at those institutes, we are just 'empty bags' lacking the required technical knowledge to face the IT industry!!!

Don't blame us. Neither blame the faculty. Nor the college. If you want to blame, then blame the entire system that is churning out such 'ENGINEERS'!!!!

Newspaper report news regarding student agitation at college , news channel shows the videos. Are the students doing it for fun? for publicity stunt? No. Just because they are getting zero values in return to the huge amount of money they are paying to these institutes. Student get blamed for bunking classes , for having a low attendance...well..yes fine with us. We love to do it. And why? Because we do not have any other bloody options to go for......

You tell us to go and attend the lecture classes. You say they are of very good use than to flush out money in some nearby food courts or the multiplexes. But..but.but..Sir.... excuse me..whose lecture are we going to attend ?.. of those who have no such knowledge about the subjects they are teaching. Sorry, we can't.
Gift us a person who can teach...who can create the environment of knowledge .... who can create the magical ambience where students will love to take a plunge into it.
But do we have such people? The answer is a big NO. and you ask WHY? ....well then face it. Just some individuals are being recruited as faculties.... either with minimal subject knowledge or with lack of teaching skills. Go with your doubts, you will return blank.. I state it loud and clear. So go and blame them. But but...I would again prohibit you to do so. These people are being recruited to maintain the student teacher ratio in the colleges and certainly when quantity has no bounds to it, Quality will surely turn out to be the most neglected factor.

And well... you get in touch with a good quality faculty teacher today, tomorrow you may be hearing that he is off to some other job with better prospects.

What's next?...yes..the big big allegement : ENGINEERING STUDENTS CHEAT AND PASS THE EXAMS. Yes, Sir..we cheat. No doubt regarding that issue. With syllabus remaining incomplete before every semester, impartation of low quality teaching ..we are forced to take up that step. And well the syllabus. Just an utter rubbish: either with some subjects of no use or less improvished course curriculum. The Board that manages the private engineering colleges in Bengal seem to have no knowledge of a balanced distribution of courses over the various semesters. It seems they are more busy with accreditation of the upcoming private colleges that are turning up in large amounts!!
The most disheartening factor : Grooming sessions are prescribed in the courses only but none takes care of it. Well can you really keep shut now???? You just can't.

Adding to the worsening factors are the hands of political parties in the college campus!!! Strikes , suspension of classes are exaggerated by these silly stuffs as students get more involved in these. College administration does nothing to stop such things to creep in ; and when a feud breaks up they just act as Wise fools..that's it!!!!

The whole administration needs a big change in its way of performing.If it still does not turn around and realise its mistake, our State will get gifted with more and more of unemployed grauates. Though the demand for engineering rises, but somehow the administration really needs to look after the established institutes so that to restrain Quality education. More infrastructures can be bulit up later leading to more engineering institutes ..but if the base (read 'Quality') is crumbling, then how do we expect to have a bigger and better future!!!!