Friday, September 26, 2014

Bits from here...pieces from there..RELOADED!!

I never really knew the comeback would take this much time!!! A mere goodbye...vowing to return soon... got entwined in false hopes!!

Was the change in track responsible for gobbling up the creative flow? Or the distractions were far more fascinating to knab the work of digital ink? Were there too many incidents happening across that leaves me no time to jot down?

Well..lot of hustle and bustle will go through if I seriously investigate down the memory lane... stretching back for the last 1825 days..what went in and what went out...leaving me as a hollow spheroid or a philosophical fragment!!! The internal strife persists!!!

What is even more interesting is... how I finally today uncorked the digital screw in my favourite corner!!! Snag in digital zone due to overdose of H2O ... Walking away of 'like-minded' individuals towards different destination...all consolidating at the same time may have ultimately pushed me to go back to my arena!!! Pros and Cons of every subject as usual conceptualised... and it is high time to extract the pros!!!

The smell submerged within the leaves of old book is incomparable...hence browsing through the old posts may never breathe out such an aroma, but somehow, somewhere down the line it manages to strum the chords of nostalgia!!! Today was not the first day when I went down the memory lane...using the posts as my chaperone. But I made a tryst not for once; but during multiple occasions. And now, the dust of presumption do really wipe off with storm of insighfulness  - distractions were handful but the significance provided to them were severe.

Bridging the gap of 1825 days and night is surely an uphill the capricious thought canon is swinging on..trying to grab instant bits from here and distant pieces from elsewhere!!! But what Life went through within this period was never captured in the whole imaginary trajectory while bags were packed for Trivandrum!  
Not so Hunky Dory phase in Thiruvananthapuram, Melodramatic in Bombay, Purposeful in Norwich and 'convert Lessons Learnt to Best Practise' kinda phase in Pune (though it is too early to decide) has loads of peppy stories to offer!! Even the cast and crew had been amazing  - each one responsible n making the journey 'enriching' in its own way!!!

It has been really tough for me to pen down each line till now.... still in the maze of events... paralyzed by 'de-constructed thoughts'.. and in search of words to map the rugged imagination!!! But deep down... there is a little infant smiling...baptised as 'satisfaction'  - that somewhere I have proceeded. Thoughts have nurtured around me as the first chapter have unfolded in the second innings..but the successive chapters will deal with affairs  - that used to be captured by me ... intriguing to me and many!

Current Scenario: Waiting for my flight to Kolkata to catch the madding crowd assembling for none other than the greatest festival - Durga Puja. Had taken leave for a purpose; but got fulfilled otherwise! Happy :). No Smartphone to distract, individuals vanished  - hence pushing in to create a space for me. Will leave in another 4 hours from here to catch the fortunately 'no-stop' flight.

MORAL: Gathering time for one self was not so tough! Channelising it in proper direction was required - DONE!