Saturday, July 25, 2009


That’s how the Economic Times framed the head lines. And I would love to stick to that. Because the title stands second to none. Before I scribble down my thoughts on those failure issues , I would likely to pick up the name of the country so called Pakistan ~ a country which reminds us of Terrorism , religion beliefs and Muslims.
And this collaboration of terms get garnished in the heart of Pakistan eventually leading to a successive thoughts of fright, anger and disdain. But why take Pakistan into account? Even there are many more nations practicing terrorism with vigour , why not they?
Well , the answer is simple. Jinnah created Pakistan to provide shelter to the Muslim community and prevent the resentment they started facing while being a part of India just after independence; thus upholding the promise of bringing peace and prosperity to the nation and to its own citizen. But the malpractice of religious thoughts and their negative implementation has paved its way into the pits.

Being alien to the religion of Islam , I would be the most imperfect individual to comment on the teachings of Kohran ; but those of my acquaintances, follower of Islam , says Kohran never ever teaches the malevolence toward mankind but to take care of your fellow beings and your closed ones . It is just that the principles got moulded under the evil thoughts of those individuals who disrespect the value of human life , who proudly provides a barricade in the progressive measures. And the irony lies , they are mostly the followers of Islam. While the victims suffer , the innocent Muslims suffer the most. They are scrutinized at each and every step and are subjected to illogical harassments. Utter nonsense!!!

The widespread terrorism all over the world has put Pakistan and the Muslim dominated nations at the back seat ; making them the clean and clear suspect of every malpractise that is being carried out. But Terrorism is never ever practiced by Muslims alone; various individuals from different religious strata have got involved in these activities. Terrorism is not marked by the religion , but by the devilish thoughts of destruction in the path of progress of human civilization.

Even if names of Muslim nations crop up during some terrorist attacks, it has been Pakistan leading the way throughout. Other than getting involved in major issues of conflict with India regarding Kashmir , practicing terrorist activities all over the world ; the most shameful lies when the civilians attack their own countrymen or visitors of their country ~ such opprobrious act has lowered their position in the eyes of every developed or developing nations. Truly disgraceful.

Very recently a survey got conducted which placed Pakistan at the tenth position while preparing a Failed State index clearly demonstrating its helplessness in the hands of terrorism, group grievances ,uneven development etc. As formerly stated about creation of nation of Pakistan , Jinaah’s sole motive has been crushed and demolished by those illiterates.
And today also India sit with the higher officials from Pakistan to “discuss”. For what? These “discussions” have just used up the spaces of newspaper and consumed those prescribed quotas of news bulletin stirring some new controversies. Even the recent talks at Sharm el Sheikh have stirred up the controversy regarding Balochistan which eventually led to no progress in those so called peace talks!!!!

Getting Pakistan out of the pit requires a reform measure : a gradual reformation step by educating the citizens with the true essence of Kohran ; dipping them in the ocean of knowledge of truth and wisdom thus gifting them with self belief and self respect and rise up in the society . Similarly terrorism would not disappear with the killing of terrorists but by the change in ideals and thrashing the sick ideologies of various people across the globe.The change is the call of the moment. It is high time for Pakistan to respond or else ~ May the Soul of the Nation Rest in Peace!!!!


Run to the Xerox store. Get the address proof document. Get the identity proof document. Bla bla bla. Run for attestation now.Huff!!!!What the hell!!! You are on the verge to submit an application form and these formalities have pissed you off. Gimme a break.

The UPA Government says this time : Take a Break.
Is it? Oh, thanks.
Well at last a step taken ; a step toward efficiency, a step towards productive development. The step is : Coming up with the Unique Identity Card for you , for me and for all. Good one.

UPA Government’s proposal to set up the Unique Identification Authority of India is a big leap towards various forms of social benefits ; a measure that is appropriately beneficial to suffice the requirements of each and every individual of this country.
The project budgeted between a sum of $2 billion and $10 billion is a kind of revolutionary step which would benefit the Software, hardware and IT enabled service companies too. As per the news sources, it has been learnt that Mahindra Satyam and National Securities Depository Limited are likely to bid for the project; even Infosys has shown interest.

Without any second thoughts, it can be stated to as the one of the best policy undertaken which would help in various kinds of analysis : ranging from national security to citizens by keeping a check over the unique identity of every individual without getting messed up into the various pen n paper activities and the stack of identity documents thus making the system more efficient and transparent while on the other hand will help to identify people falling under the BPL level and subsequently providing them with government subsidiaries without any hassle or wastage of resources. Even capable but unemployed youths can be identified amongst the millions of Indians and job schemes can be generated for them at a go. With information ranging from the unique identification 16 digit number , photo, biometric data comprising of financial, health and educational information , proper identification of any individual would be just a click away!!!!! Doing away with those PAN cards, Voter’s identity card, driver’s license etc would be a big boon in this technology operated era.

Nandan Nilekani , the ex co-founder of Infosys , has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Unique Identification Authority of India . Who else could have been awarded such a position other than the Man of the Moment!!! His belief in this project and the way he projects it as the one which can bring transformational impact on Indian economy gives a tremendous boost to this innovative welfare mechanism – waiting to see the light of the day very soon.

The way the utility of this card has been projected in various dailies and news reports …well Certainly you , or me, rather all of us can believe what Nilekani states : The Unique Identity Card will turn out to be bijli-sadak-makaan of the commom man in this new era. Any doubts?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nostalgia Bites!!!!

Quite a number of days it has been. But I am still not being able to come out of the hangover. The memories of those corridors, those classrooms, a bit of Common room, the labs still haunt me. It is high time to move on in life, but somewhere the strings of emotion have just got stuck too hard. I need to blame it upon others because I cannot take it single handedly. And they are none other than my “college mates”. Sounds very formal , I know. But can’t really straight away hit upon those on a direct note : those are none other than my friends , my fellow juniors and those seniors.
I never knew I would be entangled in the cobwebs of friendship in such a severe manner that holdover would persist. A frank note : I was not sad to leave the school as such (though it should have been, not in a mood to go into such details; maybe later).

From the very first day I caught up with an unmatched rapport with some of my classmates; and today they are my priceless elements of my life. Quite a lot of chapters got unveiled in this journey making me acquainted with lots of people around and with this some of us became soul mates in its true sense. We felt incomplete, we felt sad without each other. Such was the strong essence. Even if some feuds cropped up, it had resulted in strengthening the pillars of this monument of friendship.
Meanwhile when I dive down into those college days snaps ~ my eyes land up on those fellow students : some damn witty, some whacky, some being a bit introvert. But nevertheless they were parts and parcel of those college addas or the japes around; and I’m missing their company.
This college days only taught me the tenure of four years ~ and that it is damn short!!!! Still those first day palpitation, peeking ladies out there , the over boundaries at the small ground , the semester festival sway in the mind today also; and yes of course how could I forget the ‘matkas’ n ‘jhatkas’ of the “mauja-i-mauja” fest days (well quite an episode out there too; still its on)

From the alleys of Salt Lake to Lake Town, stretching to Park Circus and Kasba ; along with Rashbehari and Garia getting connected ~ this fusion of the crossroads have made this roller coaster ride as the most happening extravaganza of my life till date. I seriously doubt whether I would ever get back such days again; the inner mind pokes to say : You won’t. Because those moments of togetherness with a rollicking ride in those surprise birthday parties ,pandal hopping , gobbling at restaurants , crunching of popcorns inside the plexes, bawali on diwali just do not promise to bid a farewell; moreover those pre campus recruitment days or hitting together for the semester every morning in the Zen or Santro simply carves out the nostalgic moments so deeply : the tear glands just can’t stop their excitation!!!
Still today, we make a point to arrange a get together along with those near and dear ones; the environment of course sweeps away the loneliness within.

It was worth to be a part of this college where the senior and junior members bonded with the theme of caring and sharing ; whatever would have been the so called ‘age differences’ ; it never provided a hindrance to those amazing chemistry that we had ,spiced up with non stop leg pulls or the horseplay !!!!! The random talks over the phones brisked up the cellular service provider’s business.. stirring a recession in the pocket money zone…. but who cares!!!! The delicious and exquisite cuisines of friendship were being served now and then …Could not have asked for anything better. I swear.

For quite a few days, I had thought of dedicating a space from this zone to those people who made my last four years a chapter worth remembering and gifted those treasured moments which my soul will carry with itself . So it is just a small effort from my side to say ~ thanks to all and I would always preserve your thoughts deep down in those secret almirahs of my grey cells. I am sketching this space without a full stop at the very end. Just as I would never let you memories to fade away neither would I let this piece (dedicated to you all) to end but to continue forever and ever and ever……

Saturday, July 18, 2009

SRK n ME....

Well well here I am..this is me…I mean I have splashed myself in the zone so close to my heart… into the space which I longed to create ; and after all this space would have remained incomplete if I would not have penned down my thoughts over this individual known as Shah Rukh Khan. As I have started scribbling down , I am feeling damn elated..and why not ? I am starting to pen down my thoughts upon one of those few individuals I adore the most….

Way back in 1995 , I started to rise above the Cartoon Network level..umm 7 + age …and take a plunge into the Bolly world (quite early it is though…happens..lolzz) , I had my first brush up with a new upcoming movie titled “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge “…I got the opportunity to hear few tracks (though they were too few at that time) and within a short span, I have started humming them..I have just fallen in love with those playlists… And the interesting part was : You purchase a Nivea Body lotion and get a DDLJ cassette for free…and yes I got two of them!!!! Hurrah..I’m the owner of 3 DDLJ cassettes…(though later my mom gave away one to a relative of ours..sob sob)…
But well that is where it got restricted : Because I was not allowed to see Hindi movies at that age…so had to be contended with the cassettes. And yes , that was the time : an affinity has grown over those individuals “RAJ” and “SIMRAN”…

And today while I trace down the path..some memories of those 90’s are not so vivid…but yes I was right up there to purchase the soundtracks..but movie at the plexed: Strict No-No!!!! And flicks as they came by ..Baazigar…Darr..Kuch Kuch Hota Hain…Dil To Pagal Hain…picking up those blockbusters or bloopers like Yes Boss, Duplicate, Baadshah etc, whatever be the box office results I had developed my wild craze over King Khan!!!! And yes, I was catching up with some of the flicks in my television as far as I could..come on ..It’s high time!!!

But yes of course , I did know Shah Rukh Khan when he was neither the Baadshah nor the King Khan of Bollywood. It was way back in the serial called “Circus” ; didn’t really notice the lean figured guy out there…but yes of course I loved the serial and would catch up with my mom!!!! Anyways the tenure is quite short.

Umm..well it was with the arrival of millennium, that I got a promotion to catch the movies “legally”!!! it was with “Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani” to “Josh” followed by “Mohabbatein” that got into my viewing kitty…and yes from that time on , I have started my crash course in Bollywood…. My general knowledge.. well got an upthurst which sees no decay till date….thanks to ‘Sir’ Shah Rukh Khan….

Now , my collection extends from cassetted to audio CD’s to VCD’s even extending to DVD’s of his flicks!!!!

With each passing day as I got to know more about this famous personality , the respect got higher and higher…. I salute such an individual…
Coming from a lower middle class family …with no film background, the way he steered into the hearts of millions of people above the world and geared his way to the pinnacle of success is definitely a lesson to learn about. Many people may not pay respect to the world of cinema and correspondingly the journey of such individuals; but while I go through the pieces which talks about the struggles and journey of Shah Rukh Khan to become “SRK” is worth applaud able and more. I do not know whether I would be able to follow such difficult footsteps and reach my perfect destination or not…but yes I would love to strive those challenges to stand successfully on my own feet.
His Life somewhat followed a typical Bolly script of Rags to Riches; but fairy tales can be easily sketched down not the reality. Hats off to that individual who could create “Mannat “ for him on this planet Earth!!!

Bollywood has always inspired the young league of our country to get hold of those latest style statements ; and our very own SRK has led the way in a dominating way ..inspiring people to dive for those Baazigar ‘glasses’ to Mohabbatein ones , to build up the craze for the Short Kurta and yes of course , I tried to imitate as far as I could; and few days ago the nation went crazy for those “SIX PACKS”… surely a Youth Icon all the way….(yes he does nowadays get a tough competition from the youngsters of the industry,but still he reigns)..

The Brand Name “SRK” has got a different value in altogether… as many Companies tie him up as The Brand Ambassador of their respective products and yes of course , the brand sells!!!! Other than all these modeling assignments, he has been part of many esteemed companies to enhance their brand value ; and very recently he has appointed as a Quiz master in one of the private B-school Of India. He has given a newer dimension to the TV Game Shows as he hosted them with grace and charm peppered with bits and pieces of wittiness to make it a dish for 6 to 60.

Honored with various award for his immense achievement in the world of cinema and representing India in the global market , He is second to none for me. And it is not his professional life that he has balanced so well, but also his own personal life leading to a very successful marriage and a happy family of four which the country talks aboutl.

He has been one of the successful business personality in this country with his home production “Red Chillies “ churning out some biggies…. Ohh..loved them!!!! And with his own camp of Yash Chopra, Karan Johar, Faran Khan – he has scribed a kingdom for himself in the bolly town.
His love for Cricket has been the biggest gift for he took over the franchisee of Kolkata Knight Riders.. and with Bengalis like me could not have asked for more!!!! True, I feel sorry for the team’s condition but I empathize more with SRK than with the team… I am damn happy to see his dancing in the crowd as Akhtar plucks those wickets or feel depressed whenever he is down with seeing the team’s performance…..matter of fact: I left watching IPL after SRK left South Africa , indeed a bit senseless stuff but yes, I could not help either!!!

The Media compares, many a times criticizes , for the strife SRK faces with his contemporaries or others ; but as a true SRK fan I can simply say you cannot measure the stature of this personality. I have respect for those created a place for themselves because of the tough challenges they face in making their way out to success; and thus I feel no one should be compared in those harsh languages as each have their own niche. SRK still thus have his kingdom well maintained, as seen through my eyes but the harsh world always throws him in the rat race….so what???? He is Shah Rukh Khan..and yes, the name says
it all!!!!!

How I Wish To……

How I wish to stroll through the place that so serene as long as I could
To let my eyes never close and get buried deep within the wood

The assortments comprises the beauty of nature and lots of unexplored creatures
Don’t you know a lifetime is too short to have a look at all these features

Gazing into the pictures, going through the words I wish to travel far and wide
But the reality check steps down to ensure luck is not always by the side

Love and eternal bliss showered gracefully , blessings sowed in so mildly
Won’t you wish too live long burying the sorrows and curses kindly

People you care , people who care strikes a bond that promises never to decay
How I wish we remain tied together forever and ever if He could have such a path to lay

Bubbles of happiness ripples up while those gleeful moments bustle through the mind
The secret desire lies to gather the precious moments in whichever alley I find

The dawn follows a beautiful morning coiffe a beautiful day to celebrate
Dusk giving way to the darkness around paves my mind to retaliate

I stand sad , I sit depressed as my eyes get wet in its own tears dipped in thoughts
Why didn’t I get the power to cultivate the whole place lots and lots

As darkness creeps in , I crawl myself into the ocean of thoughts wondering
How I wish I could live to the fullest ~ makes me pondering

How I wish to never bid the final farewell to this place so enchanting
Truth portrays a poor soul dipped in thoughts left alone lamenting……

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ah!Alas! Back to the lappy of the mountains… I felt like doing some bungee jumping outta dere…!!! was relief…relief from the daily chaos….relief from the daily doses of “entertainment”… relief from the enchained city life…!!! And finally got the opportunity to set myself loose in the serene beauty of nature clamped with whistling breeze and the mesmerizing was a gift from heaven.. believe me..’s not my first roller coaster ride in the mountains… but coming back after six years do make a difference..and for me it’s a lot..!!!! Stranded in the city or hitting back to the sea..the chord of monotony was getting struck a number of times …. So this change was simply word..well..”Jhaaakkaasss..!!!! “

The five day trip couldn’t really quench the thirst..but anyways as the saying goes “ good things in life come in small packets “ … so I’m happy… even the journey in the non AC sleeper classes during the early June didn’t bother me either…fun to have a huge gang with me and simply that added a feather in the cap..!!!!
And of course how can I forget the packing saga of my travel bags!!!! Mom and me were still not sure that very morning whether we should go or not (after all the exams were creeping in)..!!!! Then a sudden stroke changed and fixed up our mind..we were ready to leave..and now I really feel the momentary decision was applaud able.

I won’t write down a diary sort of thing out here..well not in a mood to do so..but would touch down on the points sequentially as far I could recall out….(thank God!! I’m not struck by short term memory losses..!!!)
Boarding the train on Monday evening made us reach New Jalpaiguri station the very next morning followed by a five hour long trip by road to our destination ~ PELLING..yes that is where lied our destination. A tiring journey all day accompanied with a tedious search for hotel left no scope for a mood to stroll in the city but to sit back and relax in our respective hotel rooms… aah it was lovely!!! Meanwhile we had our hotel bookings done though , but later found out the place to be a HELL rather than resting place.!!! Thank God , my Mom made it possible.

Traveling menu card was placed with a Safari as a starter to accommodate 11 of us.. the Khechipedi Wish Lake , The Rimbi Garden and the Fall constituted the
dishes for the day and yes, we loved each one of them. The Lake preserved inside the lap of the valley had a divine beauty in itself .. spent an hour out there to catch up the fascinating of the lot..The Rimbi Rock garden!! I wished to stay set up camp and stay for days..if only I could.. The fascinating flower garden proceeded by the water stream directly descending from the Rimbi Fall had all the ingredients to make it a pleasure for your eyes.. I bet once you are there ,you are going to feel the same. It simply outscored other places with it appeal and that is the simple reason I fixed up the photo captured in the midst of it right up there…. I couldn’t get the reason for a ten buck entry fee before I entered but when I made an exit from there , I simply could say it was Priceless!!!
It was then back to the resting ground and a pure Bengali lunch to heal the appetite. Delicious.
The upper Pelling was our den.. a Helipad few metres away from the hotel basically captivated the true essence and true beauty of Pelling : the view of the surrounding Kanchanjunga mountain range ..awesome!!!!!! You couldn’t have asked for a better place. I swear. Though the cloud hindered the sight..but still some glimpses could be managed but the very next morning it was a treat for the eyes ~ the ice capped snow peaks resembling vanilla Ice cream coated over with chocolate syrup ..slurppppp……
It was kind of mountain trekking on that very morning…walked some two miles over steep slopes of an adjacent hill to reach a monastery up a the top… my first visit to a monastery…gazed at those rituals being conducted by the priests and disciples.Quite interesting. Later half of the day comprised a visit to te Asia’s second largest hanging bridge while the time consuming one was the visit to Kanchanjunga Falls ~ picture perfect. The roar of the water fall amidst the shallow trenches of mountain had an exceptional feel to it ~ truly serene and class apart.

Wish I could write some more … well I’m loosing out of my seriously !!!!..Nature can’t be expressed in words.. it can’t be tied within the figures of speech…because it as no boundaries within which it can be captivated…so the more I go on writing…the less it would appear…

Though the evening hours got occupied in striding through the so called market places out there…and gorging on Momos …it was really a compact trip bundled with oodles of refreshment…

Saturday morning saw me back home…with the mixed bag of emotions playing around in my mind…. Well wish to go back soon … fingers crossed!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

If Only They Could have Known The Value Of This Life….

The plight of ours so called “valuable life” still remains a toy in the hands of drivers!! Can we blame them for their outrageous action? Simply NO. After all they are the ‘driving force’ that are dominating the roadways for years and will continue to do mercilessly. The Drivers are least bothered about their lives, and you expect them to care for ours ~ bullshit!!!!

It is often a big question that hammers within the mind…. Will the member of my family return back home safe and sound?..umm.. even would I too? Yeah, a definite question with a harsh answer surfaced with the damn reality : NO. With terrorism building up its own cobweb around the country, security of life is always posed with a big QUESTION MARK; and these automobile drivers have taken very good care of exaggerating the issue to a further state. Kudos, to them.

Is Rash Driving a malpractise?.well…You say so. Aha, You are duped. It is a regular habit of these “carefree” drivers; it’s a wont established in their day to day activities.Simple stuff. What about those reckless overtakes they make while driving on those busy roads? Oh ! they are the active participants in the championship league : Your fastest extravaganza to HELL!!! is said Doctors are messengers of Bhagwan…then these Drivers hail from? The Yama ,of course.

Never did the system change…never will the system bother to change. The more we shelter the evils, the more they boost up ….and with the Government’s blessings, we are ready to see more prosperity in their way of growth. As long as Media keep up these burning issues on the headlines, the Government seems to wake up in the call of immediate remedy but not for a prolonged period… it dies away as fast as possible… truly CORRUPTION ZINDABAD!!!!
Talks regarding cancellation of license of old vehicles proceed to the table..grows as a serious matter of discussion but effectively at the end of the day , the net result is a big zero!!!! The politicians , party members and these drivers have entangled themselves in the corrupted zone so neatly down the years, no random step can evacuate this position.
The so called “promises” from the government are thus so rightly have become the issues of derision !!!...

‘Commission system to be abolished’ is the new mantra to reduce reckless overtakes…..well could have been though long time back..!!!! Greed has always driven human beings crazy, so why titillate it ? No answer. The corruption has found a profound base to proliferate… as long as the base does not encounter a judder of its caliber , the roots can never be upturned !!!

Human life has no say in this… it is a puppet in the hands of these system and these ‘feted’ drivers’ won’t pay any heed to the moral values; hope sustains.. maybe the wings of the evil be shredded way but till then… the ball is in the Driver’s court. Play As You Like.

The Upheaval

Well if only..poverty would have taken the back seat!!!!

The Lalgarh episode have booked the headlines for quite a period of time; truly thumping a black spot in the history of Bengal. Root cause that lays the foundation stone in this issue is none other than poverty. Anger, disbelief and eventual outbursts are just following the way that has been paved so long by the impoverishment of these Lalgarh dwellers.

The whole drama at Lalgarh is just a sample view of the condition of Bengal ; the fate of poor people of Bengal is doomed under this ruling government and this has been or rather is mounting the building blocks of the agitations that are following up the ladder. Lalgarh finally retaliated after prolonged deprivation and sooner or later , other parts of poverty stricken Bengal may soon follow the same path to claim their own well deserved rights.

Rural development has been simply been a neglected matter in a wider scale. The promises of the ruling government are no where coming close to reality with the assured projects loitering and being unable too see the light of the day. It is learnt that money has been properly sanctioned for rural development and even job creation schemes are scribed in the papers; but problem lies somewhere: lack of initiative in processing the assigned tasks accompanied with misuse of monetary funds.

Trouble of unemployment gets piled up with uneven distribution of growth in rural areas thus leading to non-uniformity in growth rate ; the poor becomes poorer and the rich becomes wealthier is no means of a standard practice in any economy. India faces this as a serious challenge with Bengal towering up in the recent years ; truly a matter to excoriate. It is such an irony to find out well developed party offices in those suburbs!!! It is a clear depiction of the misuse of people’s money in a fallacious manner.
Proper dispersion of water , development of roads, availability of electricity are some of the major issues that should have been properly looked after. The Governemnt knows.But still no action. To reach out to people and increase the literacy rate is still a matter of concern. Here in the city , you have schools lining up side by side , and the Lalgarhs are standing in an abject condition : why does the Government pretend to be so blind?

Whatever the Government of Bengal faced are just the fruits of those corrupted seeds that they had sown for years. The Maoists took the advantage and made good use of the Lalgarh habitants in building up a strong protest against the ruling party. Quite true, as long as you do not hit the ear drum well , the Government would pretend to be deaf as they were. No doubt, the landmines had to burst.

The ruling party’s ascendancy over these years had made them haughty , disdainful thus making them interested to let people dance to their own customized tunes. But with the recent upheaval in Lalgarh and the blow of the reform wave in Bengal, it is surely a blessing in disguise. Personally I have no liking toward the so called opposition which eventually reigned in this election , as their working principles more often seemed awkward to me and of course many ..( BANDHS being one of those many,disgusting!!). But I would be soft and nice if this winning party can bring about changes in the law and order in the state thus making the common man satisfied. But true , this party has shown a high degree of caliber by bringing down the ruling party on the harsh ground and face the retribution for the trenches they have dug in for more than three decades “proudly”.

Lately, the news regarding restoration of law and order in Lalgarh and the adjacent areas are surely bringing back smiles. These steps do show a bright future ahead as they lay foundation for better productive work for the rural people thus enabling in proper and balanced growth in economy. Let small steps be made, no need to make a rash with the ideologies; a steady growth is perhaps ensured from these measures. Truly India should have done away with poverty on a bigger percentage by now, if the right measures were implemented with care without being bothered about own’s satisfaction of avarice.
But better keep the regret by my side. After all.. IT’s BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Dear Banerjee Didi,

Hope you are doing well. Busy a lot nowadays ,hmmm. I understand. Well wish you a very good luck regarding your budget publication issues, hopefully it works out and live up to the common man’s expectations. I guess you have done an exhaustive detailing on the various issues so to keep up the “ma-mati-manush” shibboleth flying high up in the air!!
Well , I will now come straight away to my point of discussion that I hope you will take a note of in the upcoming days. Basically , you have been inaugurating various new trains for a better travel purpose , in the past as well as in the present times. But you really need to take a look at the condition of the trains that are tripping at various parts within the cities and the states. The maintenance is being neglected a lot. While I say a lot means, just a lot that’s it. Many a times the fans in the compartment does not work; its pathetic to travel in those non AC sleeper classes ; Floors do not seem to be cleaned as they should have been. Even if these matters are kept aside, you just cannot neglect the condition of the loos!!! It is damn pathetic didi!!! Could be compared to a toilet of a slum!! Most of the passengers lack hygiene sense, they contribute to the filthy look of the bathroom ; otherwise also, they are not taken care of!!! My point is – Can’t be some individuals be employed to look after the cleanliness of the toilets? Just adding a few extra bucks to the ticket prices, their salaries could be paid off too. One stroke two aim fulfilled : cleanliness maintained with some unemployment reduction mechanism. Give a minute to this didi , I hope you can make it work it out.
And while I finish off , I just wish to take up a point more. As Indian railways promise us to have to better journey, then please do keep the words by barring the beggars and eunuchs from entering the train compartments!!! Please. Continuous ruffling from these part of the society does not ensure a better journey at all.
I hope you take a note of these agendas and work accordingly to provide a better and comfortable journey for us. It is the voice springing out from the “mati “ for the amelioration of “ma” and “manush” !!!
Have a good time at Delhi belly and see you soon. All the very best, Rail mantri.

Yours “well wisher”
~sIdZ bhai ~