Wednesday, November 18, 2009


There is a state of rest when a vehicle encounters a red signal. Engine starts followed by a change in state i.e. from rest to locomotion when the red signal turns to green. Ok. I stop here. I know that you guys know this from long before. But, do we know or do you know whether this movement is going to have a positive impact????
You know the theme color of the Left Front. And you too know the one of TMC. Can you now match my previous stated statements to this recently statement??? Quite right, people have felt the left front has kept development of West Bengal in a stagnant state and now TMC will provide the green signal of development. The waves of change blowing and yes, blowing with quite an impact.
Pros and cons have been discussed in every article about the rule of State Government. Better and methodical analysis have been made with critical reasoning. Somewhere down the line, I do support that – Change is necessary. The continuous domination of a single party for over three decades gathers mosses in its way. The green color has surprisingly given a thunderous bolt ,that was lacking for years from opposition. Thumbs up for that. But what pinches me really hard ~ how can an organization (whose anthem lies with strikes and rallies) wear the ruler’s hat? Unsophisticated mind set up. Insane individuals. Illiterate ( much more in terms of politics) in true sense. All these combine to form the greenish wave ( swirling in Bengal). I still do not know whom should I cast my vote for , two years down the line.

The recent by-poll got conducted two weeks ago due to Subhash Chakroborty’s sudden demise. I got stuck badly due to political campaigning , and incidentally it was of Sujit Babu’s. Every time, an urgent work hangs around my neck ~ this Trinamul Congress interferes merrily. And while traveling in the bus, some nonsense stuffs caught my hear as people around me suddenly got themselves involved in a self conducted Group Discussion regarding TMC and CPI(M) as the bus got stuck for few hours. I could not escape. I was getting tensed as I was getting late. And I swear the heat was killing me. Meanwhile, a person suddenly turned around me and asked … “Dada… ei vote-er prochaar kodin aage jeno bondho hoye???? “ I could have done something. But I turned my head the other side. I felt like if I could start thrashing these guys!!!! I hate these West Bengal politics, political parties and now these oh-so-idiotic people!!!! Dhurrr ..Sala!!!!

Satruday, the 7th , was the day of election. I stayed off from it. Whom will I vote for??? I do not support either. And I know the green color will be again reigning the skies, the grounds of this poor West Bengal. I just wish if I could do something productive. I just wish. I just hope.

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