Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part - VI]


That’s what I can say all about me and myself!!! The stone has started to roll… I hope the mosses will vanish by this time….
A routine tour to Puri sparked up a surprise gift again – the JOINING DATE!!! After a long hiatus wait, finally TCS thought of wrapping me off to Thiruvanthapuram. And, for the first time.. I’m going to leave all my near and dear ones… for a one and a half month tenure. A mixed feeling.. persists. Running around to complete all those paper works.. still a long list of formalities needs to be carried out.. and this has devoid me of keeping track of the world around me (many a times!!!) Well.. if things fall right on track from this day onwards, 23rd of November would get sketched in my career graph with prominence.

Weak minds do get superstitious when co-incidences are so random!!! And it is bound to be!!!! Whether there is some supernatural force operating or not, I do not care… but somewhat I feel.. the superstitious belief pinches me!!! He was the one who could select the right path for me – I knew. And yes, he did. Though, I had some initial hiccups … (maybes still I have ).. but I’m sure that whatever has been decided is for my own benefit only. Now, I’m really looking forward to those 45 days…. it’s going to be a new phase – none of the moments encountered till date . How the mind adapts.. how the soul respond.. how the whole system gets managed.. I’m really counting on that!!!

During the trip, I completed “ 2 States” by Chetan Bhagat. Well… do I criticize? Should I criticize the same mould ? Should I criticize it for being more of a Bollywood script? Should I criticize the author and his creation? Not really. Because despite knowing all.. I purchase and read. And I know, I will continue to do so. Side by side, going through Arvind Adiga’s “Between the Assassinations” was quite a bland experience. Conventionally, expectation rises..and anybody would have preferred a better reading extravaganza after “The White Tiger”. But the second book disappoints big time!!! I had to quit it mid-way!!! But I still have my expectations quite high – for both of you. So….

Finally moving on towards the scenario and bits-n- pieces from here and there .. I was so happy to see Mohunbagan winning!!! Nope.. not a hardcore fan.. and thus my sole reason of happiness was not the victory!!!.. But the fact that newspaper had some other things to publish in their headlines !!!! Maoists here..Maoists there… Holy crap!!!! If a magic spell could have churned out to terminate the whole matter at this very moment… phew!!!

Umm.. I need to sign off now.. time to proceed with other jobs. I’m quite happy now.. I could return back here and pen down the proceedings. For the last few days.. it was really pinching me.. the fact that I was not being able to give time to my space!! Well.. as days are passing, I can visualize it would be quite tough to return here ( which I previously did.. quite often).. but surely I will turn up.. whenever I can.

Like to wish all the very best … to me… for the coming days… and yes to India too… they need to hit it back to the Aussies on the 22 yard…!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part - V]

Umm..umm..where do I really start off from…??? Pretty confused… I’m still not coming out of the hangover… neither concentrating much nor getting an interest..!!!Silly me..!!!

It’s a mix n match of few good and few not so good stuffs happening around me. Of course, I’m a bit proud of myself. For the first time in my life, I earned. Getting the first salary …. Well quite a feeling. Thanks to everybody who supported me. Atleast, I proved myself that I have that ability. Anyways.

But again what pinches me is the fact that I have been quite aloof from those national and international news bulletins… which I should be well aware of. I just need to make up. Went past those headlines with more Maoist stories with Mahato’s arrest tales and some more. Precisely , I don’t remember. But yes, I did go through the articles on “Nobel”. And seriously, what’s the big deal if Obama is given one? And yes, I remember a dialogue from a flick – “usse humare jeene marne mein kya asar par ta hain!!! “ People just need issues. Bloody… whatever!!!!

Well, on the other hand I’m having quite a filmy week though. Caught up with no so approved flick –“What’s Your Rashee ?? “.. Yep.. I was there for Piggy Chops. So, those three and a half hours were pretty fine with me. Surprisingly, I really loved the Hurman Baweja portrayed his character. For me, he was impressive. And for you, I give a damn.
Now, the interesting part of the story lies here. I wanted to catch up something different this time. Borda gave a good lot from his stock. And I caught up with “THE GIRL NEXT DOOR”. Seriously, I had a different intention before putting in the disc( pun highly intended!!!)… But when I was done away with it, I don’t know what happened with me. I hate all those shits called “falling in love” etc . But this tale ..for whatsoever reasons just caught me. Hard!!! I loved the Girl. I loved the boy. Pardon Me, I’m quite alien regarding names!!! Yes of course, I loved the plot. And I’m feeling damn lonely. Because a glance after two years..or even more…maybe… I’ve become nostalgic again. The more I wanted to cut away those old ties, the more faster they are catching up with me. I do not know, how things are related. But yes.there is. Or else, why on Earth should I remember all those ???? F**k me!!!

I know … it’s not the ideal time at all to think about these silly issues. Rather I should be concentrating on the serious avenues of life. But, hell with this phase!!! It’s disturbing!!! I need a change, Man. I’m getting sick. Dude, I seriously need the recovery pills!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


And... for the time being... I will sign off with this....