Friday, November 20, 2009

And Those Last Few Moments...

Well…well..well… I still dunno whether I’m facing the reality… just few more hours in this city… and then..gone!!!
The feeling ..i don’t to express…. There is a palpitation…maybe going on… well..every year during this time.. I’ve this kinda feeling.. a bit scary..because the exams approached… and today too..a bigger and better one…phew!!!

Ah…forget it..I can’t go on writing on this for so long.. but anyways..last day..those last few moments are going quite good enough… basically..caught up with a morning show of “Kurbaan”. And I enjoyed it (of course, barring a few ones..). rocks!!! I see this guy nowadays..and just ask myself..was this the same guy who was in films like “Main Khiladi Tu Anari”..!!!
On the other hand… India managing a draw in the Ahmedabad Test is surely a victory in its own perspective. Could have easily lost it, if Gambhir didn’t steer it that way… and Sachin again showed why he falls in a different genre altogether. Amassing 30,000 runs in International Cricket!!! Kudos!!! Congrats to your 43 rd Century too.

Well.. done away with my packing now… aah..meanwhile I just remembered… this post is my 50th one in my CTC. Feels good. Really very good. Coincidents – first phase of blogging ends with a 50!!! Kewl..

Umm.. some bits from here.and pieces from there kinda packing left… need to go… a temporary bye to me and myself @ CTC… hope to come back soon..and pen down the new excitements…and whatever is waiting for me… hmm..will be interesting.

Anyways..take care you people too… and well.. a happy journey to me. Sayonara.

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