Sunday, September 13, 2015

Game of Seasons!

Slumbers seem to have gone long! Winter is coming, I guess!! Maybe, it is winter. Else, why did the sublime thought process freeze. Even a narrow percolation could have bridged the gap!
Scrap it! Dwindling thoughts! Never meant to help...

Aah! My "devout readers" (Knock! Knock! I have a story to unwind)... thanks for your never-ending patience!!!

Flashback: Scene 1: Mid of August, 2009: Belling the CAT after grads was hovering around. A handful of my folks were busy repairing refrigerators and television sets over call. The stale smell of boredom was fucking awful! But no! I am not going to carry out any on-call support!
There should be something, lying in a platter somewhere, that I can grab. So that the Father of the Nation can shower his blessings on me!
And finally after scratching heads, increasing Orkut Scraps - Eurekaaaaa!!!! There is a food for thought! Content Writer!

(A website content writer or web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level ofcontent. Content should contain words (key words) that attract and retain users on a website - courtesy

Flashback: Scene 2: Early September, 2009: 'Are you fuckin crazy!!!! Californication.' Ignorance is bliss but this is fucking money matter. 
Yes, I have agreed to the terms and conditions - no plagiarism! But, seriously! Article on American TV Shows!!! 500 Words for 100 bucks! Lost!!!
----------- I don't really have a choice, staying blank causes End of Story!

Flashback: Scene 3: September End, 2009: By God's... tche tche..Google's grace, I have survived. TV Shows, Criminal Court Cases, Loan Plans -  I have drubbed the obstacles. 

But... Inner Peace... Not met! Who cares, though!

Present Day: Surreal Sunday, 2015: I was browsing through the first article  - "Californication".

("Californication is an American comedy-drama television series created by Tom Kapinos, which aired for seven seasons on Showtime from August 13, 2007 to June 29, 2014. The show follows New Yorker Hank Moody (David Duchovny), a troubled novelist who moves to California and suffers from writer's block. His drinkingwomanizing, and drug abuse complicate his relationships with his longtime lover Karen (Natascha McElhone) and their daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin)."  - sorted by Wikipedia. Thank you!)

The Article yielded some quick bucks; but I revisited to see if there exists any soul! Uhu, No!
I had played with English in re-constructing sentences, poured fancy synonyms and presented a dead fish to the people! 

The thought of sitting through a 1.5 - 2 hours journey where Stallone fights across series, Di Caprio changing roles and making them, though, an everlasting one -  never really fascinated me. Outcast, I suppose!  Leave the Seasons, I never considered them in the Menu.

But, with the tide of time, you improvise. You start admiring the Superheroes, appreciate Nolan's work and let the psychological thrillers tease you!
And then comes another twist in tale, you land up watching the English series one fine day. What that teaches you yet again is - explore, deep dive and then pen down your thoughts. The whole write up has now been blessed with life.

That's the preface. And that mainly comprises the tale. 

Obsession. That's an in-built feature, I suppose. Being closely attached towards the Starks, the Lannisters, the Baratheons - current state of mind. And the glass was half-empty. Without poring thoughts on Winterfell, Casterly Rock, King's Landing, the Wall (obviously).

I have no reviews to make. But certainly, I have words to say. The vision those creative heads hold, the portrayal of characters those Actors do, the execution the whole team does - you got to bow down before you say a word or two of praise. Being stunned can be a possibility.

I used to hear people skip their sleep, food and get engrossed in the seasons; but GoT has clarified my doubts to such an extent  -  I am happy to be on the other side of the Wall :)

The path is cockeyed when you need to play around with fantasy and sow the seeds into the Audience's mind. But getting backed by an astounding Novel (read: A Song of Ice and Fire), the route is refreshingly  tranquil. 
#ThankYou Note: A heartfelt thanks to Mr Martin for gifting a character like Tyrion Lannister. 

As I draw the curtains, I would certainly like to mention about how the memes goes around in social networking sites - the assassination of characters by George R.R. Martin; how the internet gets crazy over it. But I opine differently - Let Martin survive The Song of  Unexpected and continue to gift us with tales that makes us wonder, dream and escalate the obsession level to its peak!

P.S Tyrion Lannister's Bobblehead on its way to add up to my collection! :D 

Readers.... Awake????

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bits from here...pieces from there..RELOADED!!

I never really knew the comeback would take this much time!!! A mere goodbye...vowing to return soon... got entwined in false hopes!!

Was the change in track responsible for gobbling up the creative flow? Or the distractions were far more fascinating to knab the work of digital ink? Were there too many incidents happening across that leaves me no time to jot down?

Well..lot of hustle and bustle will go through if I seriously investigate down the memory lane... stretching back for the last 1825 days..what went in and what went out...leaving me as a hollow spheroid or a philosophical fragment!!! The internal strife persists!!!

What is even more interesting is... how I finally today uncorked the digital screw in my favourite corner!!! Snag in digital zone due to overdose of H2O ... Walking away of 'like-minded' individuals towards different destination...all consolidating at the same time may have ultimately pushed me to go back to my arena!!! Pros and Cons of every subject as usual conceptualised... and it is high time to extract the pros!!!

The smell submerged within the leaves of old book is incomparable...hence browsing through the old posts may never breathe out such an aroma, but somehow, somewhere down the line it manages to strum the chords of nostalgia!!! Today was not the first day when I went down the memory lane...using the posts as my chaperone. But I made a tryst not for once; but during multiple occasions. And now, the dust of presumption do really wipe off with storm of insighfulness  - distractions were handful but the significance provided to them were severe.

Bridging the gap of 1825 days and night is surely an uphill the capricious thought canon is swinging on..trying to grab instant bits from here and distant pieces from elsewhere!!! But what Life went through within this period was never captured in the whole imaginary trajectory while bags were packed for Trivandrum!  
Not so Hunky Dory phase in Thiruvananthapuram, Melodramatic in Bombay, Purposeful in Norwich and 'convert Lessons Learnt to Best Practise' kinda phase in Pune (though it is too early to decide) has loads of peppy stories to offer!! Even the cast and crew had been amazing  - each one responsible n making the journey 'enriching' in its own way!!!

It has been really tough for me to pen down each line till now.... still in the maze of events... paralyzed by 'de-constructed thoughts'.. and in search of words to map the rugged imagination!!! But deep down... there is a little infant smiling...baptised as 'satisfaction'  - that somewhere I have proceeded. Thoughts have nurtured around me as the first chapter have unfolded in the second innings..but the successive chapters will deal with affairs  - that used to be captured by me ... intriguing to me and many!

Current Scenario: Waiting for my flight to Kolkata to catch the madding crowd assembling for none other than the greatest festival - Durga Puja. Had taken leave for a purpose; but got fulfilled otherwise! Happy :). No Smartphone to distract, individuals vanished  - hence pushing in to create a space for me. Will leave in another 4 hours from here to catch the fortunately 'no-stop' flight.

MORAL: Gathering time for one self was not so tough! Channelising it in proper direction was required - DONE!

Friday, November 20, 2009

And Those Last Few Moments...

Well…well..well… I still dunno whether I’m facing the reality… just few more hours in this city… and then..gone!!!
The feeling ..i don’t to express…. There is a palpitation…maybe going on… well..every year during this time.. I’ve this kinda feeling.. a bit scary..because the exams approached… and today too..a bigger and better one…phew!!!

Ah…forget it..I can’t go on writing on this for so long.. but anyways..last day..those last few moments are going quite good enough… basically..caught up with a morning show of “Kurbaan”. And I enjoyed it (of course, barring a few ones..). rocks!!! I see this guy nowadays..and just ask myself..was this the same guy who was in films like “Main Khiladi Tu Anari”..!!!
On the other hand… India managing a draw in the Ahmedabad Test is surely a victory in its own perspective. Could have easily lost it, if Gambhir didn’t steer it that way… and Sachin again showed why he falls in a different genre altogether. Amassing 30,000 runs in International Cricket!!! Kudos!!! Congrats to your 43 rd Century too.

Well.. done away with my packing now… aah..meanwhile I just remembered… this post is my 50th one in my CTC. Feels good. Really very good. Coincidents – first phase of blogging ends with a 50!!! Kewl..

Umm.. some bits from here.and pieces from there kinda packing left… need to go… a temporary bye to me and myself @ CTC… hope to come back soon..and pen down the new excitements…and whatever is waiting for me… hmm..will be interesting.

Anyways..take care you people too… and well.. a happy journey to me. Sayonara.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part - VII]

Traveling has been a part-n-parcel of my life for the past few days. If you go through those previous posts of can have a clean and clear idea. And oh Lord..these Government services really require a makeover!!! Can’t they be more efficient while providing the basic facilities towards their customers!!!! Humphhh!!!

But I’m quite elated. The month of November was starving… getting denied from my blog updates. But finally I jotted down few. It’s almost that I’ve reached towards the end of my first phase of blogging (perhaps!) .. well ILP, I guess, won’t provide me the time or resource to continue my so called ‘GOOD HABIT”!! Lol!!!

The moment to bid adieu Kolkata is quietly knocking at my door…and along with that invitations are flowing in from here n there. And I’m lovin every moment of it. It included invitations at one’s place, or restaurants. Last Saturday’s extravaganza starting from shopping for my luggage to lunch at Barbeque Nation and finally catching up “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani” was quite noteworthy. Another flick that showed the young man from the Kapoor clan is here to stay – a man who can single handedly manage the successful fate of his films. Really praiseworthy.

Last week was quite eventful in the history of Indian Cricket. The Little master completed a record 17,000 runs in ODI (bettering his records by adding each n every runs) and that too by smashing the Aussies with 175!!! The hunger for runs really make this Mumbaiker look younger and our expectations keep on rising. But certainly, somewhere I feel..even if Sachin is the keeper of most of Batting records..he is still a tragic hero..!!! The maestro did everything for guiding his team towards the route to victory in the nail biting match but still God neglected all his efforts!!! God could have been atleast kind enough to make him feature in a world cup winning team. A man who served for 20 years , battling some serious injuries, should be rewarded properly. I just each and every true Indian that Indian cricket team lifts 2011 world cup with the little master featuring with a wide smile!!! And yes it’s a strict feeling for “true” Indians!!! Because some silly organizations do not respect his contribution , but are more concerned with his comment over Marathis!!! Can’t India really get rid of such sick mentalities…!!!!???

Umm.. and meanwhile few relationships got upturned during this course of time. And I feel whatever has happened is all good!!! Doesn’t really affect me much…as I’m taking up the new avenue. I still feel.. jo bhi hota aaache ke liye hi hota hain..
Well.. I guess I’ve scratched quite a few bits .and few more pieces which do really sums up my on goings … and the last moment about in the upcoming section?

And the day was 28th of October...

Quite a special day in my life. Yes, because small moments piled up that made my day. And of course, these small happy moments are quite priceless.

Primarily, it was an Inox extravaganza. I did not feel it so special much as I am doing it now while penning down as I rewind back to that day. Yes, Me a.k.a Siddhartha a.k.a Sid went to watch “WAKE UP SID”. The namesake just makes me feel good. (Stupid I know,but whatever). A quality film watched after a long time. I would thank Dharma Productions for presenting such beautiful cinemas whose every moments can be cherished thoroughly. Director Ayan Mukherjee deserves kudos for making such a commendable debut and I wish to see more. And what a fantastic casting. It seems the roles were written only for those people exclusively. The whole media, the whole bollywood is speaking it loud n clear and I do repeat it with them – RANBIR.. u simply rock!!!! He shows how the genes speak. Truly. What a beautiful portrayal of the character of Siddharth Mehra. Could not have asked anything better!!! And for our Kolkata Madam… I salute you. This Sen Sharma is showing versatility and how!!! You know very well. Apart from all these , my favourite piece was “Mumbai Beats” ( yes, remember the office where Konkona joined and later Ranbir). Simply a fantastic creativity zone shown in this flick. Kashhh… I could have joined that!!!

Secondly, it was during the movie time , a sudden sms knocked my cell. I took out my cell. Read it. Kept silent. And stayed so. But you know what, I felt like jumping over here n there. Finally, the joining letter has been mailed to us by TCS. Wow!! What a relief!!! Now I can proceed with all those pending formalities and get my documents processed. The sms was followed by two more confirming the same. Though the phone call at Puri was enough, but a hard copy speaks louder here.

Finally, I got my most valuable gift. One I had wished for years. A cell with a cam, Bluetooth, radio and quality music playing device. Yes, got the Nokia 5300 Music Xpress – the one that satisfied my requirements. Well, I am happy to receive this pretty gift on the eve of this “good news” day. I just love its features. Mmmuaah.. :)

Well..well..well..I realize I’m being kinda childish…being kinda school kid type while penning all these down… but what’s the harm in it??? It’s just that my emotions are flowing in a childish manner… and I’m loving every moment of it.


There is a state of rest when a vehicle encounters a red signal. Engine starts followed by a change in state i.e. from rest to locomotion when the red signal turns to green. Ok. I stop here. I know that you guys know this from long before. But, do we know or do you know whether this movement is going to have a positive impact????
You know the theme color of the Left Front. And you too know the one of TMC. Can you now match my previous stated statements to this recently statement??? Quite right, people have felt the left front has kept development of West Bengal in a stagnant state and now TMC will provide the green signal of development. The waves of change blowing and yes, blowing with quite an impact.
Pros and cons have been discussed in every article about the rule of State Government. Better and methodical analysis have been made with critical reasoning. Somewhere down the line, I do support that – Change is necessary. The continuous domination of a single party for over three decades gathers mosses in its way. The green color has surprisingly given a thunderous bolt ,that was lacking for years from opposition. Thumbs up for that. But what pinches me really hard ~ how can an organization (whose anthem lies with strikes and rallies) wear the ruler’s hat? Unsophisticated mind set up. Insane individuals. Illiterate ( much more in terms of politics) in true sense. All these combine to form the greenish wave ( swirling in Bengal). I still do not know whom should I cast my vote for , two years down the line.

The recent by-poll got conducted two weeks ago due to Subhash Chakroborty’s sudden demise. I got stuck badly due to political campaigning , and incidentally it was of Sujit Babu’s. Every time, an urgent work hangs around my neck ~ this Trinamul Congress interferes merrily. And while traveling in the bus, some nonsense stuffs caught my hear as people around me suddenly got themselves involved in a self conducted Group Discussion regarding TMC and CPI(M) as the bus got stuck for few hours. I could not escape. I was getting tensed as I was getting late. And I swear the heat was killing me. Meanwhile, a person suddenly turned around me and asked … “Dada… ei vote-er prochaar kodin aage jeno bondho hoye???? “ I could have done something. But I turned my head the other side. I felt like if I could start thrashing these guys!!!! I hate these West Bengal politics, political parties and now these oh-so-idiotic people!!!! Dhurrr ..Sala!!!!

Satruday, the 7th , was the day of election. I stayed off from it. Whom will I vote for??? I do not support either. And I know the green color will be again reigning the skies, the grounds of this poor West Bengal. I just wish if I could do something productive. I just wish. I just hope.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bits from here..Pieces from there [Part - VI]


That’s what I can say all about me and myself!!! The stone has started to roll… I hope the mosses will vanish by this time….
A routine tour to Puri sparked up a surprise gift again – the JOINING DATE!!! After a long hiatus wait, finally TCS thought of wrapping me off to Thiruvanthapuram. And, for the first time.. I’m going to leave all my near and dear ones… for a one and a half month tenure. A mixed feeling.. persists. Running around to complete all those paper works.. still a long list of formalities needs to be carried out.. and this has devoid me of keeping track of the world around me (many a times!!!) Well.. if things fall right on track from this day onwards, 23rd of November would get sketched in my career graph with prominence.

Weak minds do get superstitious when co-incidences are so random!!! And it is bound to be!!!! Whether there is some supernatural force operating or not, I do not care… but somewhat I feel.. the superstitious belief pinches me!!! He was the one who could select the right path for me – I knew. And yes, he did. Though, I had some initial hiccups … (maybes still I have ).. but I’m sure that whatever has been decided is for my own benefit only. Now, I’m really looking forward to those 45 days…. it’s going to be a new phase – none of the moments encountered till date . How the mind adapts.. how the soul respond.. how the whole system gets managed.. I’m really counting on that!!!

During the trip, I completed “ 2 States” by Chetan Bhagat. Well… do I criticize? Should I criticize the same mould ? Should I criticize it for being more of a Bollywood script? Should I criticize the author and his creation? Not really. Because despite knowing all.. I purchase and read. And I know, I will continue to do so. Side by side, going through Arvind Adiga’s “Between the Assassinations” was quite a bland experience. Conventionally, expectation rises..and anybody would have preferred a better reading extravaganza after “The White Tiger”. But the second book disappoints big time!!! I had to quit it mid-way!!! But I still have my expectations quite high – for both of you. So….

Finally moving on towards the scenario and bits-n- pieces from here and there .. I was so happy to see Mohunbagan winning!!! Nope.. not a hardcore fan.. and thus my sole reason of happiness was not the victory!!!.. But the fact that newspaper had some other things to publish in their headlines !!!! Maoists here..Maoists there… Holy crap!!!! If a magic spell could have churned out to terminate the whole matter at this very moment… phew!!!

Umm.. I need to sign off now.. time to proceed with other jobs. I’m quite happy now.. I could return back here and pen down the proceedings. For the last few days.. it was really pinching me.. the fact that I was not being able to give time to my space!! Well.. as days are passing, I can visualize it would be quite tough to return here ( which I previously did.. quite often).. but surely I will turn up.. whenever I can.

Like to wish all the very best … to me… for the coming days… and yes to India too… they need to hit it back to the Aussies on the 22 yard…!!!!